Who is Linda Luztono?

Luztono 1

By: Bill Delingat

Not only is she the first Canadian female singer to get to perform on 106 & Park on BET she is another young promising star to watch break in the USA.

Her original competition date was set for “Wild Out Wednesdays “,January 13th, however with the Earth quake disaster in Haiti, BET had dedicated time to help the survivors of this international emergency and relief fund and has rescheduled her appearance for Thursday January 21st, 2010,at 6pm ,with a special episode called “Thursday Night Throwdown” which will launch “Mobile Voting” for the contestants as well, so we hope that at the time of this article everyone has texted in her #79922 and we will have great news for our viewers and her fans on where she placed or better yet that she wins the competition.

Luztono is a young nineteen year old singer/songwriter born in Kiev, Ukraine, her mother is Ukrainian and her father was born in Cuban. Linda started singing in English before she could even speak it and loved artists like Whitney Houston, Maria Carey, Michael Jackson and her idol Alicia Keys. Luztono has been writing her own songs since she was twelve scooping instrumentals from wherever she could. It didn’t matter if they were hip hop beats or soft R&B. Linda would always sing around the house and eventually joined a Jazz band, "The Green Jazz berries" as their lead singer. She went on from there and had a promising amateur career with performances ranging from jazz to theatre including appearances at:

Black History Month shows
Banquet for the Toronto Youth Cabinet – Dundas square
"The Suite Life" Production - St. Christopher House's
The Honey Jam Showcase
The Remix Project

Luztono talked about the “The Remix Project” in an interview with “Urban Steez”, she said “The people there really helped me kick off my career in the music industry. Working with Noah “40” Shebib who is Drake’s engineer and producer, really gave me an insight of the ins and outs of what the industry is about and what it takes to be successful. As for bad experiences, luckily I haven’t had any yet!”

She has performed in the musical and theatre productions "Hair" and "Oliver," "Idle" and "Macbeth". Some of Linda's musical influences include Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, whom Luztono agrees was one of her biggest influences, “I found such strength and purity in her voice at such a young age that I always imitated her and tried to do my best when singing her songs.” When talking about her idol, the person she strives to be like, not just as a musician but as a person, Alicia Keys, she went on to say, “Alicia Keys is also another raw talent, she's just simply amazing, no doubt about it. Everything from the way she carries herself to how the media treats her. She really knows how to have a personal life and realizes that not everything is everyone's business and that's one of the many things that I admire about her so much.”

Luztono describes her music as a mix of Hip Hop, Pop and R&B as that was what she grew up listening to and what she wanted to do. “I write about my personal experiences of course, as well as experiences and challenges that friends and family have dealt with. One person can only go through so much so if you write often,  it’s very hard to have each song as your very own personal experience; that’s why it’s so important to really open up and even write about things that simply derive from the imagination.” On the future of music and the genres of today Luztono once said, “The music world is a bit different than it used to be. People don’t sell as many records as they used to, but I can’t say that the music world is bad. The internet has a definite impact on the amount of records sold but that’s why things are based on and looked at a bit differently—for example, an artist may now be titled as a most downloaded artist rather than back in the day when the internet didn’t exist. There has also just been a change in artists as in any generation and some talented artists out there are so underrated!”

Luztono has an open mind to music and appreciates other genres .Luztono says. “It’s always nice to expand your horizons”.

This incredible talent is sure to a big hit on the charts in the years ahead and again showing the world the talent Canada’s has to offer.