BTW-Celebrating the Indies at CMW. Julian Taylor, Buddy Black, Chloe Charles, Shakura S’Aida, The Archers, King Khan and BBQ Show, Steve Rivers, Carli and Julie Kennedy, Born Ruffians and Billy J. White

Fri May 09 2014
Julian Taylor

It’s that blessed time of year again…no, it’s not! The CMW Holy Week is usually held in March but this year was changed to the more weather-friendly month of May. So far, that’s not by much, so all the more reason to spend your entire week avoiding the relentless winds by checking out as many of the umptillion bands on show in the city’s 60 venues as you can stomach. To help clarify/confuse your choices, here’s a random scattergun blast of acts you should know about.

BTW-starring Black Lips, We Are Scientists, Emm Gryner, Gord Downie, The Sadies and The Conquering Suns, The Heavyweights Brass Band and Aretha Franklin

Fri Apr 18 2014
Black Lips

This week’s big indie guitar showdown happens Tuesday Apr. 22, putting Black Lips (Phoenix Concert Theatre) up against We Are Scientists (Lee’s Palace). Breakups, breakdowns and a death in the band has not slowed down Black Lips. Eleven years on, these Atlanta garage legends continue to provoke and freak out audiences all over with their live show. This is, after all, the band which recorded their major label debut album, Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo, live off the floor of a dive bar in Tijuana, Mexico, that the band solemnly described as "absolutely nuts." Then there was India 2009, where the dudes got up to some onstage “antics’ which so outraged the audience, the Lips fled the city and eventually the country, abandoning the tour on account of the very real fear they’d be busted and thrown in the slammer for "homosexual acts". The band’s view: “Ian and Cole kissed, some weiners got pulled out, people lost their shit.”

BTW-Starring The Hold Steady, Dillinger Escape Plan, Beautiful Nothing, Gregory Hoskins, Micah Barnes, Tower Of Song and Leonard Cohen, kinda.

Fri Apr 04 2014
Beautiful Nothing

Beautiful Nothing is here to tell you paying yer dues never goes outa style. Even while they tended their social media obligations, the five guys in the band also kept up a steady pace playing the Toronto rock circuit just about wherever someone would let them, all the while working on the sound ‘neath the steely gaze of the T.Dot’s  notoriously picky audiences. Also, industry savvy ones like Current Management’s Gerry Young, who knows a good  thing when he hears one and knows what to do with it. Which brings us to the altrock quintet’s first single release,    “Come Colour Me,” freshly in the hands of Canadian radio this week, with the accompanying video serviced to MuchMusic and MTV Canada.

Linda Ronstadt Travelling To The Sound of a Different Drum

Fri Aug 30, 2013

Linda Ronstadt was the owner of one of purest, crystal clear voices of her generation. From country, to country rock, to folk, the American songbook classics, to high octane rock and roll, Linda owned it all. She even did an album of children’s lullabies and a beautiful Mexican album, sung entirely in Spanish.

Last week Ronstadt broke the news publicly that due to her contracting Parkinson’s disease, she will never sing again.  Wow, even just typing those words seems surreal.  The buzz in the industry has been about Ronstadt’s new book, 'Simple Dreams' due out in September 2013. A tell all memoir of her career spanning the 1960’s through 2000’s and everything in between, the highs the lows, the good the bad and the hits and misses. There is, of course, no mention of the fate she just learned about. How ironic is it that a beautiful voice like hers is quieted and all the auto-tuned, edited, non singers of today are still able to sing? There is no meritocracy in the world of music.

Happy Mother’s Day In Mother Words

Fri May 10, 2013

Every year in May we get to honour the strongest people on the planet….mothers.  You will note that it’s Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the Motherlode,the Mothership and so on. Not to take anything away from fathers but most of us who had good fathers was because they had good wives, who happened to be our mothers.  This little story pretty well sums it up. A kid comes home and sees his mom and says, “Mom where’s my jacket?  Mom where’s the thing I left in the whaddayacallit  by the front door?  Mom do we have any milk left?”  Same kid comes home and sees just his dad;one question, “ Dad, where’s mom?” ‘Nuff said.

And the effect of mothers in the entertainment field is huge as well. When Elvis Presley, the future King of  Rock ‘n’ Roll walked into Sam Phillip’s Sun Records in Memphis,Tennessee it was to make a record for his mom. The kid recorded ‘My Happiness’ and caught the attention of Phillip’s secretary. The rest, of course, is history.

Paul Sanderson Guitar Case, Brief Case, Law Case Celebrating 30 Years

Fri Apr 05, 2013

The calm, quiet voice of Paul Sanderson doesn’t sound like he is even close to 30 years old, let alone having been in the law business for that long. But it has been 30 years on April 07, 2013, that this multi-faceted man has been practising arts and entertainment law. The name Paul Sanderson is a familiar one with most of us in the music world who would have required an entertainment lawyer at one point in our careers. Quite a celebration and a test of time, in a business that is known for its lack of tenacity and longevity.

Happy New Year from Cashbox Canada !

Fri Dec 28, 2012

What a year we have had in the music world – we have lost so many of our legacy artists; new ones have arrived on the horizon to carry the torch. Cashbox Canada has kept the doors open and the stories flowing – all with the great devotion of our Cashbox staff and our wonderful supporters and artists who have made it all possible. We are looking forward to 2013 and to providing the best coverage of Canadian talent as well as industry stories that make up the music industry. Happy Hogmanay to you all and “Lang May Your Lum Reek !” - Sandy Graham

As we close off 2012 in true Canadian fashion with a blizzard.…I want to thank everyone who read my articles in Cashbox Canada.  A special thanks to those I interviewed for their time and contributions to the industry, to Jill Ash for last minute editing, and to Sandy Graham for always being there with kind words and a real good heart.  In 2013, as I continue to write about the music, I will interview more musicians, producers, songwriters and historic music industry figures. It’s all about the music – the people who play it, the people who make it, the people behind it. – Michael Williams

Eliades Ochoa-A Legend in his Lifetime

Fri Sep 21, 2012

God bless the child that finds it’s calling early in life, for it may grow up to be Eliades Ochoa. In the esteemed Cuban guitarist’s case, he was all of six when he plucked at the instrument for the first time in his rural home close by the old city of Santiago de Cuba. In that instant, the boy who would grow up to be called Cuba’s Johnny Cash, heard the siren call of music, calling him to his future.

Eliades OchoaAround the age of eight the family moved to Santiago de Cuba, in financially tight circumstances. With money scarce and all hands on the wheel, in addition to odd jobs such as selling lottery tickets and shoe-shining, young Eliades started playing his guitar in the streets, graduating to the cafes and brothels of Santiago’s inner city.

The Awe of Linda Dawe

Fri Aug 10, 2012

The first thing that strikes you when speaking with Linda Dawe is her enthusiasm about music and life. The next thing is how humble this music icon is about all the accomplishments in both her personal and professional life. She is truly in awe of her career and the experiences she has garnered to date.

Dawe is what we consider one of ‘the old school’, an music business maven who has survived over three decades and still enjoys making a living in this very unpredictable industry. At a time when females were mostly secretaries or receptionists, this trailblazer set out to change that in the music business.

Linda Dawe's career began in 1970 as a journalist for Canada's first music magazine, Beetle Publications. “I was always interesting in writing; in school I did very well and English was one of my stronger subjects. It was certainly an eye opener for a kid from Northern Ontario to suddenly be thrown into the world sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll; all the things that went along with the reputations of  the ‘bad boys’ of the British Invasion which was at its height of popularity at the time. ”

Trebas– The Grammy Factory

Fri Apr 06, 2012
Anya Wilson, Dave Leonard & Oscar Peterson
Anya Wilson, Dave Leonard & Oscar Peterson

Montreal has given birth to some unique talent in the music industry. This brief story is of one such individual who went through the school of hard knocks and not only survived, but thrived, in the early days of the music business in Canada and the U.S.

Cashbox Canada Celebrated March Music Madness at CMW

Fri Mar 30, 2012

Cashbox Canada kicked of March Music Madness on Wednesday, March 21st with a great night of live performances at Toronto’s Orbit Room. The event was produced by Irene Carroll of ISEE and Kit Watson of RockitGirl Media, and a fine job these two whirlwinds of promotion did to make the live music showcase a huge success. The room was filled with industry icons including Moses Znaimer, Richard Flohil, Jane Harbury, Dale Peters, Thomas Wade,Peter Linseman, Lauren Tutty, Anya Wilson, Tom Jackson, Ralph Murphy and Much Music veteran VeeJay Michael Williams as host for the evening. The acts reflected the diversity of Canadian music with Country crooner, Punk girl, and Folk/Rock cuties, and somehow it all made sense.

The showcase was kicked off by Burlington’s Billy J. White, whose boyish smile set the stage for the night, working his Nashville style vocals in promoting current EP ‘Country Drag Strip’. White is a name that the country market, both in Canada and the U.S., will be hearing more of this country rocker in the months to come.

Tom Lodge: The Man Who Rocked the World

Fri Mar 23, 2012

Umi Tom Lodge passed away Sunday, March 25, 2012 in Santa Cruz, California. we were grateful we had the opportunity to talk before he passed, and so happy he got to see the Cashbox covers in both Canada and the U.S. with his story. There will be a celebration of his life on April 1 at Stillpoint Zen Community at 11 am. All are welcome. In lieu of flowers you may make a donation to Umi`s work at Stillpoint. Sail On Tom and thank you for the lessons.

Tom Lodge was one of the very first offshore disc jockeys in the UK, joining Radio Caroline in 1964. He took part in the epic round-Britain broadcast made from the original Caroline ship, the mv. Fredericia; he was on board the mv.Mi Amigo when she lost her anchor and was washed up on the beach; and he was one of the station's most popular broadcasters, presenting the Breakfast Show on both ships.

March Madness ….Canadian Style- CMW is Back in Town.

Fri Mar 16, 2012

Springtime in Canada and Toronto means spring training for the Blue Jays, the Maple Leafs are out of the hunt for hockey’s holy grail, the Stanley Cup, and Canada’s music elite meet for Canadian Music Week.

Thirty years ago, what started as a small radio conference called The Record Conference, has evolved into one of Canada’s largest and most influential media and music conferences. It draws top industry professionals from around the world to participate in a four-day program of activities.

Designed to stimulate the exchange of market intelligence, increase dialogue and provide networking opportunities, Canadian Music Week continues to present the ideal platform for thousands of national and international delegates.

Canadian Success at SXSW

Fri Mar 09, 2012

CIMAPart One with Stuart Johnston - CIMA

Cashbox Canada had the pleasure of doing a cover story a few months back on Stuart Johnston, and once again we are back chatting with this personable, enthusiastic business person, who is the driving force behind 'the little engine that could' of the music business, CIMA.

Johnston, just recently back from Cannes, France, where CIMA played host once again to the Canada Stand at MIDEM, and also presented the hugely successful Canadian Blast, showcasing a record breaking 14 bands this year, the largest delegation of Canadian artists to ever showcase at MIDEM, is now set to travel with his extended 'family' of Canadian associates to Texas for the SXSW event.

Tommy Hunter-Canada’s Country Gentleman

Fri Mar 02, 2012
The Tommy Hunter Show on CBC
The Tommy Hunter Show on CBC

On March 20th, 2012, Canada’s Country Gentleman, Tommy Hunter will prop his guitar against his stool, wave so long and say ‘The good Lord willin’, we’ll see you soon!’ one last time.  This will be the final live show in a long and fruitful career that has spanned 6 decades. How fitting that this final show will take place in Hunter’s hometown of London, Ontario on the occasion of his 75th birthday. You couldn’t write a better script.  Hearing him speak on the phone from his home you would find it hard to believe he is 75 years young. He sounds like a much younger man, still full of energy, knowledge and memories. And oh, the memories the name Tommy Hunter stirs in minds of all Canadians.

Pagliaro Des Tonnes de Flashs

Fri Feb 24, 2012

[Click For English Version]

Quand je pense à Pagliaro, j’ai des tonnes de flash!!

Flash 1:Tout jeune, j’ai acheté les 45 tours de ‘A t’aimer’ et ‘Pour toi, pour toi’’.... c’était en 1969, les années ‘Flower Power’

PagliaroFlash 2: J’ai aussi acheté ‘Rain Showers’ (bien sur j’ai toujours ces vieux vinyles)

Flash 3: le 31 décembre 1970 j’assiste à un concert de Pag et des Wackers au Palais du Commerce  (une performance qui m’a marqué, j’avais 14 ans)

Flash 4: Pagliaro et le ‘Nuit Magique’ dans le Vieux Montréal

Flash 5: Je fais une entrevue en roulant dans son ‘Grand Prix’ pour le compte de Québec Rock (1978)

Flash 6: Pagliaro revient de France et Alert Records, que je dirige avec Tom  Berry signe l’album ‘Sous peine d’amour’ qui contient le hit ‘L’Espion’ (super clip en passant...)

Love - The Long and the Short of It

Fri Feb 10, 2012
Andy Kim
Andy Kim

Love hurts, love stinks, love will keep us together, love will tear us apart, because I honestly love you, there are words of love, there is crazy love, the list can go on and on but the word love plays a major part in the hit songs of decades gone by. My editor, Lenny Stoute, pointed out that two of the most memorable love songs of all time, ‘Misty Blue’ by Etta James and of course the unforgettable Casablanca song ‘As Times Goes By’ (If you can play it for her you can play it for Bogey line) do not even utter the word ‘love’, not even once.  

Drake Jensen-Across The Gay Divide

Fri Jan 27, 2012

You know that thing about greatness being thrust on you? And the one about great things coming out of terrible situations? What happens when the two come together in a perfect sick storm of fear and persecution?  Some will go under; some will struggle to the top. At the forefront of the strongest swimmers you’ll find Drake Jensen, survivor, country singer and homosexual.

The son of a Cape Breton hard rock coal town, the kind of which Merle Travis said was “dark as a dungeon way down in the mine”. The kind where the mind shafts are too narrow to allow for light to get in and shadows are looked upon with suspicion.

Imagine how strong and bright a light must be to beam out of a hole like that, especially when you’re thrown down the hole at age 5.

Drake Jensen is a rising star on the Canuck country scene, a good looking husky guy, passionate and genuine, committed to his art and this week making his Coming Out to the world at large.

Whoa. Cojones of steel, you say. Indeed, y’all, dude has all of that and more and he’ll likely have need of all of it sooner rather than later. Ok, how about right now?

Stuart Johnston-The Future Face of the Independent Music Industry

Fri Jan 20, 2012

Stuart Johnston is the President of the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA), which represents more than 180 company members of the English-language independent Canadian-owned music industry. Johnston leads a small team of dedicated professionals who support the businesses and creative entrepreneurs who work to make Canada’s music production industry unique in the world. He is also a Board member of Re:Sound and the AVLA, two music-licensing agencies, as well as a member of the National Advisory Committee on Policy Priorities for the Canadian Conference of the Arts.

Grit Grooves and Emotion – David Gogo Soul-Bender

Fri Jan 13, 2012
David Gogo and Johnny Winters
David Gogo and Johnny Winters

David Gogo is known for being one of the hardest working blues rock guitarists in the industry and the moniker suits him well. He is a man of his word, and when a recent routing booking issue took place, he fulfilled his commitment to tour Western Canada. After two shows in Holland, Gogo flew back to Canada to finish the tour he had committed to with the legendary Johnny Winter. A gruelling schedule, but he is a man of his word, and committed to his reputation as well as his music, he flew thousands of miles to keep his fans happy.
We recently had the opportunity to talk to this great Canadian treasure, and he gave some refreshing answers to what makes David Gogo who he is in this industry.