Mimi O’Bonsawin New Music, Old Soul

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Submitted by Don Graham

Like a four leaf clover, Halley’s Comet or a blue moon, there are things in this world that come along infrequently and bring us joy when they do. A talent like Mimi O’Bonsawin is as rare as the above mentioned wonders. We get a lot of CD’s come across our desks at Cashbox Canada but every once in a while we get something with an off the chart wow factor. That was the case when the self titled Mimi album was first inserted into the office CD player here at Cashbox Canada.

Mimi O’Bonsawin is an old soul. The music she makes is on one hand familiar yet totally original and unique. Her voice belies her age (she’s a mere 20 years old) but the subject matter, tunes plus delivery suggests a much older, well-traveled woman but at times has the innocence of a child.

Mimi was born in Sudbury, Ontario  to Native Canadian/French Canadian parents when at a young age she became very interested in her native background, history and culture. “I was fascinated by the Native culture, so I decided to take courses to get more educated about it. It changed my life or should I say reaffirmed my purpose in life while influencing my songwriting.”  Mimi’s songs are not what you’d expect from a 20 year old but come from a place deep inside that truly reflects Mimi’s values and maturity.

Mimi O'BonsawainMimi O'BonsawainWhen I asked when she knew that music was what she wanted to do she replied, “I always knew. While other kids were dreaming and planning their lives as firefighters or nurses, I knew I wanted to sing. When the teachers would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up I would say “a rock star”. Music was always in my heart, it always will be.” Her parents recognized this so much to their credit, rather than encourage her to look at a more stable future they cultivated her dream.

When they met Canadian singer/songwriter/producer Thomas Wade, they invited him to evaluate Mimi’s abilities to see what could be done to take that next step. Thomas immediately saw the raw potential in Mimi which set the wheels in motion.“ I’ve been around a lot of artists in my career, some with a lot of talent, some of mediocre talent all reaching for the brass ring. I was looking for that once in a lifetime talent to work with when I got the call. The moment I met and heard Mimi I knew immediately that this was the real deal who had the huge talent I’d been looking for.” The two started writing together forging a union that has yielded an album of songs with a sound  that has reached beyond anyone’s expectations. The holy trinity of songs, vocals with a clean production shines as bright as anything you’ve heard or will hear on radio today. Mimi has a soulful, sultry voice full of emotion, honesty coupled with Wade’s unique, complicated “take no prisoners” production will stand up to anything on the market today and in the future.

Mimi Live!Mimi Live!The 12 track album grabs your attention immediately with Santanaesque percussion with the  powerful band leading into Mimi’s first words “ shiver, shiver” which set the tone for the rest of this album. The titles “ “Out of Bounds”, “Beautiful Garbage, “Brave” and “Stonegaze’ let you know isn’t your 20 year olds perspective on boy meets girl, boy loses girl love songs but rather a 20 year old with the wisdom of a person of age telling you of her fears, joys and hope for life.

Mimi and her band are about to perform for two major CD release events - one on November 12th and the legendary Gladstone Hotel in Toronto and another on November 29th in her hometown of Sudbury, Ontario.

If you want words to live by and keep your life path in perspective listen to “Pedalin’” on this album.  In the words of Mimi no matter what happens in your life“  Keep pedalin’ !!