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Country in the Woods: Putting “Country” in Cottage Country

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Submitted by Don Graham

Beautiful Parry Sound, Ontario is perhaps best known to Canadians as the birthplace of hockey legend and Canadian ambassador, Bobby Orr. But after this year,it will be on the map for another great reason. On July 26th, 27th and 28th, at the Foley Fairgrounds, a country music festival like no other will be cementing it’s place in local history. The first annual Country in the Woods Festival will take place over those three days featuring a 100% Canadian lineup. And lo and behold, Canada there IS enough amazing talent in this country to fill an entertainment bill without having any cross border acts. The three headliners for the three days are Jason McCoy, Doc Walker and Gil Grand, all seasoned acts with strings of hits in their catalogues.  The rest of the talent is emerging, up and coming talent that will fill the summer air with rockin’ country sounds for three days.

Foley Fairgrounds is located about 8 miles south of the town of Parry Sound in Seguin Township and is about 100 miles north of the city of Toronto, just a quick, easy drive up the 400 highway.  There is camping available on site and additional camping about 5 minutes away, and hotels are not far away if camping isn’t your style.  Foley Fairgrounds is a beautiful site and with its cleared and wooded areas will give the visitors a true taste of the picturesque Ontario countryside.

Beaches Jazz Festival Celebrates 25 Years


Submitted by Don Graham

Summer’s Here and the Time is Right For Dancing in the Street ! We who live in this little piece of heaven known as The Beach in Toronto know it’s summer not just by the calendar, the warm sun and the crowded beach but by the annual arrival of The Beaches International Jazz Festival.

For 25 years the Beach has been opening its heart and closing down Queen Street East to make way for the Street fest portion of our version of Mardi Gras, as well the main stage events in both Woodbine Park and the original home of the BJF in Kew Gardens.

25 years is a long time and a lot has changed since 1989:

  • The average house price in Toronto in ’89 was about $275,000 - now in 2013 close to $500,000
  • Paula Abdul had a chart topper with ‘Straight Up’
  • The New Kids on the Block were ‘Hangin’ Tough’
  • Don Henley was singing about  ‘The End of the Innocence’

Tens of thousands of Chinese students take over Beijing’s Tianamen Square, a rally for democracy and in Canada in hockey, Calgary beat Montreal to win its first Stanley Cup and Toronto’s baseball Blue Jays won the American League East Division title for the first time in their 13 year history.

O Canada Celebrate The Sounds Of Summer!


Submitted by Sandy Graham

All over the world Canadians are known for many things; we are renowned for our manners (known for apologizing even when it is not our fault) our endurance of cold winters (known as hardy little Canadians) our attitude about freedom (we support gay marriage and non discrimination for all), we love our coffee (Timmy’s has become a name on it’s on) our hockey teams and our artists who have made it here and beyond.

We have shown the world we have a list of Canadian music stars; Alexis On Fire, April Wine, Arcade Fire, Gordon Lightfoot, Celine Dion, Anne Murray, Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, Hedley, Bryan Adams, Andy Kim, Carly Rae Jepsen, Michelle Wright, Great Big Sea, Men Without Hats, Rush, Tom Petty, Bobby Curtola, Drake, Neil Young, and so many more. Do a Google search - you might be surprised to learn who is Canadian. 

We think Canada actually has five seasons; Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and FESTIVAL SEASON ! Canada is known for Festivals – All over Canada it has already started. We have Jazz Festivals, Blues Festivals, Country Festivals, Italian Festivals, Celtic Festivals, you name it you can find it in Canada from now until around October.

Rancid Still a Time Bomb

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Submitted by Ian Robertson

Review of The Transplants and Rancid

Echo Beach,Toronto (Avenues & Alleyways Fest)

Wednesday June 12th 2013
I missed the first 3 bands which was a mistake. I hooked up with my friends in a park beside Echo Beach when I heard The Transplants vibrations in the air. My friends didn't want to go in yet because they wanted to finish "eating a sandwich" (HIMYM). I zipped up my bag; ditched them. Running, trying to not step on my loose shoe laces, I darted through the crowd of people (young, old, punx, rude boys and everything in between). Luckily, I got to the mosh right as DJ DJ was playing (one of my favourites). I’ve been a Transplants fan for years on years, but never got a chance to see them live. I kinda thought they would be a weird band to see live since they have a lot of samples and different instruments in their tunes, but I was proven wrong by their amazing performance. Tim Armstrong made his presence clear in his cool subtle way, which I’m pretty sure everyone in the crowd wanted to embrace. The first time I saw Rancid was in 2008 and I remember my Joe Strummer shirt got torn from being pressed against the fence in front of the stage but when Tim came out it was worth it to see a musician that I admired from his days in Operation Ivy and on. He also shaved his beard which in my opinion is a better look for him. They played some new songs (that seems promising) off their new album that is set to be released on June 25th 2013.

The Rolling Stones and other Happenings - Fifty and Counting

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Submitted by Don Graham

The unsinkable, unstoppable, indefatigable Rolling Stones have named their latest tour 50  and Counting to commemorate a half century of making music together. The Stones and the Beatles didn’t really hit North America until the following year, 1964, or late December of 1963.,so what was the North American landscape like in 1963?

The Bobby’s were still ruling the charts, Darin, Rydell, Vinton, Curtola et al. Our first taste of what was to come from over the pond was a record made by Del Shannon in 1963 of a song called From ‘Me To You’ that he had picked up while touring England. The song was written by a then unknown songwriting team, John Lennon and Paul McCartney and would be included on the Beatles debut album. To be honest, when I heard the Beatles version I thought they were covering a Del Shannon song.

Life, Liberty and Music Meet Jeff Liberty

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

Jeff Liberty has spent over 25 years in the music industry, wearing various hats as an artist, publicist, agent, writer, broadcaster, promoter and manager. He also is a proud father of five and a loving husband to his wife, Cynthia. None of these are easy accomplishments in a business known for its lack of loyalty and trust.

Colour Him Father – Colour Him Love

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Submitted by Cashbox Canada

In the ‘50’s and the 60’s the way it worked was Mom stayed home and Dad went out to work – wherever that was because as kids we didn’t think much about that – he just appeared at the end of the day for dinner.

In the late 1960’s, thanks to the hippie lifestyles, it became cool to be a Dad, and it took two parents to raise the family. Although from a promotional point of view it was still a bit shaky to promote teen idols who had children. John Lennon had to hide his marriage to Cynthia, and very little was known of Julian. That was completely the polar opposite when he married Yoko and Sean was in the limelight all the time.

We had television to tell us how Dads acted; Leave it to Beaver’s Dad had all the answers to just about everything, Ricky had Ozzie, Harriet and his brother Gary to perform to every week, and Father Knows Best – well, he just did.

Johnny Cash adored his kids, Elvis was seen everywhere with Lisa Marie in his arms, Rod Stewart showed us you could be a Dad many times over, and Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons made a business out of having a family. Some Dads took advantage of that power like Joe Jackson and his brood of Jackson 5, while the Bieb has a Mom, in our opinion, is both Mom and Dad.

Four the Record

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

The name Cashbox Magazine has a tremendous history, starting from its first publication in July 1942. The original Cashbox Magazine was published until 1996, and then was revived in the United States, as an Internet-only magazine in 2006 with the consent and cooperation of the family of George Albert, the late president and publisher of the original edition. Under the guiding hand of musicologist and music industry entrepreneur Bruce Elrod, Cashbox Magazine in the US has re-established the brand, and in turn has also started the resurrection of Record World Magazine. The American way – go big or go home.

Forever 27

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Submitted by Don Graham

The latest show at the Queen West rock photography hub, The Analogue Gallery, is an exhibit featuring the “Forever 27 Club”. The exhibit is part of the Scotia Bank Contact Festival, showcasing members of the famous or infamous 27 Club, artists who died at that young age. Forever 27 runs until May 30, 2013 at the Analogue Gallery 673 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario.

There are a fair number of tragic figures that belong to this group, spawning some questions. Coincidence? Trend? Myth?  Doesn’t much matter as the 'Forever 27 Club' has become more than a legend. As it turns out, some of music's most influential artists who were taken from us much too soon all passed on at the age 27. Is it a coincidence or a curse? We can’t deny the fact that a fair number of rock ‘n’ rollers have passed away at this tender age. It probably all started with blues legend Robert Johnson who sang of having a hellhound on his trail and allegedly made a deal with the devil; his soul in exchange for extrodanary guitar and songwriting skills. He died mysteriously in 1938 at the age of.....27.

Happy Mother’s Day In Mother Words


Submitted by Don Graham

Every year in May we get to honour the strongest people on the planet….mothers.  You will note that it’s Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the Motherlode,the Mothership and so on. Not to take anything away from fathers but most of us who had good fathers was because they had good wives, who happened to be our mothers.  This little story pretty well sums it up. A kid comes home and sees his mom and says, “Mom where’s my jacket?  Mom where’s the thing I left in the whaddayacallit  by the front door?  Mom do we have any milk left?”  Same kid comes home and sees just his dad;one question, “ Dad, where’s mom?” ‘Nuff said.

And the effect of mothers in the entertainment field is huge as well. When Elvis Presley, the future King of  Rock ‘n’ Roll walked into Sam Phillip’s Sun Records in Memphis,Tennessee it was to make a record for his mom. The kid recorded ‘My Happiness’ and caught the attention of Phillip’s secretary. The rest, of course, is history.

Gordon Lightfoot’s mom in Orillia recognized Lightfoot's musical talent and schooled him into a successful child performer. His first public tune was "Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral" (an Irish lullaby) in grade four, which was broadcast over his school's public address system on a parents' day event.

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