Folk Rock Singer/Songwriter Shane Cloutier is “Catching Up”

Fri Oct 02, 2020

Canadian folk rock singer/songwriter Shane Cloutier sets down the weight of emotional baggage in his new single, “Catching Up”.

“This song is one that many, if not all, people can relate to,” the Collingwood-based artist considers. “The human element of emotion can be both tragic and beautiful, and I believe that even the darker side of it can sometimes bring out the best of who we are if we fight hard enough.”

“‘Catching Up’ is an expression of trying to move on in life but having emotional baggage weighing me down,” he continues. “It’s hard to keep up when certain shades of sunlight and certain smells in the air pull me back into my past.

“I wrote ‘Catching Up’ in one day — mostly because I compulsively felt I needed to finish it. It also came together naturally; I could feel in my gut when I had the right chord.”

Watch and listen to “Catching Up” here:

Orillia, ON’s Folk Rock Singer/Songwriter Shane Cloutier Doesn’t Wait for a “Rain Check”

Fri Jul 17, 2020

“I wrote ‘Rain Check’ when remembering the feeling of not being able to let go and move on,” says Orillia-based folk rock singer/songwriter Shane Cloutier of his new single, available now.

“It’s about feeling guilty for being stuck in difficult circumstances, and gives a glimpse of hope that someday in the future, you’ll be able to embrace the present,” he continues. “I think sometimes we carry a lot of luggage from our past, and this can inhibit and sometimes prevent us from living life the way we are supposed to.

“Rain Check”, for me, is my inner dialogue in those moments of apprehension and uncertainty. I truly believe our inner voice is how our spirit pushes forward, even when that voice feels dark.”

Watch and listen to “Rain Check” here:

Shane Cloutier Releases New Video – “Red Wagon”

Fri May 01, 2020

Orillia’s folk rock singer/songwriter Shane Cloutier takes a break from penning new material to saunter the memory lane of childhood simplicity in this, his new video for “Red Wagon” — available now.

The title track from his sophomore album of the same name, the single and album as a whole embodies Cloutier’s emotive voice and unique folk approach, complete with his own heavy metal influence and collaborations with multi-award winning blues drummer Tom Bona, and legendary guitarist Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush.

“The album Red Wagon is very much a prequel and sequel to In Light,” Cloutier shares, referring to his debut release. “When I wrote In Light, it was very much a cathartic response to some traumatic events in my life, facing the death of my wife and mother of my children. It is very much an album of perseverance and strength, as well as surrendering to vulnerability.

Watch and listen to ‘Red Wagon’ here: