Vancouver-based Canadian band Garrett releases “Hero” Video in Honour of the Front-Line Workers

Fri May 22, 2020

There’s an adage in the music business, “you can’t buy experience” and that’s one thing the Vancouver prog-rock group has in spades. Garrett is a group of seasoned musicians with confidence and skill that comes with years of honing their skills. With Sean Garrett as the frontman, Brian Jones on guitar, drummer Mike Mallais, Garry Koenig on bass guitar, they form a power trio of funky and rock-solid rhythms and soaring guitar lines to give life to Sean’s well crafted songs.

Sean Garrett had this to say about how the release of “Hero” came about, "Hero was originally written about somebody I highly respected, whose advice changed my life. I wanted to dedicate this song to all our personal heroes and to all the front line and emergency workers in these difficult times.

The video is a montage of the many spontaneous tributes that people are doing in honour of the frontline workers who risk their own lives to save and protect ours.

Watch the Official video of “Hero” here: