JUNO & GRAMMY Award-Contributing Winning Producer Chin Injeti Mixes Feel Good Vibes With Old School Synths In Newest Single “YUH”

Fri Mar 25, 2022

Chin Injeti’s new song “YUH” feels like warm air and blooming fields, almost as if winter is ending and a new wave of spring is preparing to unfurl itself. In other words, exactly as the JUNO and GRAMMY Award-contributing winning producer intended it to be…

Featuring Iman Wamboi for the lead vocals, “YUH” — available now — infuses Injeti’s passion for funk and boogie music into a fresh-feeling classic-in-the-making. “I was trying to elicit the feeling of springtime and endless possibilities,” Injeti shares. “Something that could usher in the feeling of seasons changing; I think we achieved this with Iman Wamboi’s voice and her overall vibe as a creator.”

Check out  Chin Injeti - YUH (feat. Iman Wamboi) [Official Video] on YouTube here:

GRAMMY & JUNO Contributing Producer & Artist Chin Injeti Reveals Personal Ode in Single “Sparrow”

Fri Sep 17, 2021

In an ode to ‘letting go’ and ‘taking life as it comes,’ multi-GRAMMY and JUNO Award-winning alt-hip hop and RnB artist Chin Injeti soars with this, his newest single, “Sparrow” – give a listen and look here on YouTube:

With Injeti handling all instruments, with the exception of the song’s extra synth parts — “They were played by my friend, Anthony Craig Bell, a producer from Philly who produced Jasmine Sullivan, Jill Scott, and many more,” he shares.

“‘Sparrow’ is my little ode to freedom,” Injeti continues. “It was the perfect ‘escape’ when I was held ‘prisoner’ in my basement, as I wrote it in my home studio while I was in quarantine.”

GRAMMY and JUNO Winning Artist Chin Injeti is “Golden” with New Single Featuring Thieves Like Us

Fri May 21, 2021

Multi-GRAMMY and JUNO Award-winning artist Chin Injeti is shining a light on the pure power of music to heal and uplift with his new single “Golden” -  https://youtu.be/uwkBgpEz8J8

If there ever was a time when we could all use a soothing sonic shot of hope, it’s now during these days of pandemic-shadowed uncertainty. With “Golden,” Injeti and co-writer/producer Brian West are delivering a much needed dose that will certainly travel from the ears directly to the heart with its message of self-forgiveness and redemption.

Maybe there’s a way to fall gracefully
Maybe there’s a place that’s safe for me

“To me, those two lines pretty much sum up what the song is about,” notes the Vancouver-based Injeti. “I’ve come to know so many people that are in deep depression, that have been abused when they were younger, that for some crazy ass reason carry a lot of blame with them.”

“For The Love Of Life”: GRAMMY & JUNO Winning Artist Chin Injeti Releases New Single with Teon Gibbs

Fri Feb 26 2021
Chin Injeti

Multi-GRAMMY and JUNO Award-winning artist Chin Injeti releases a rallying cry of self-love and reliance in this, his new single “For The Love Of Life”.

Check out the YouTube video of “For The Love Of Life” here:

And it wasn’t completed without some of Injeti’s tenured collaborative magic; he called upon fellow Vancouverite Teon Gibbs to feature on the track.

With a burgeoning catalog at 255,000+ streams across Spotify alone, “For The Love Of Life” is Injeti’s first of the year, and follows 2020 offerings of “Let Go,” “Serious,” and “Falling” — the latter of which featured Esthero on accompanying vox and Delhi 2 Dublin’s Tarun Nayer on tabla.

GRAMMY & JUNO Winning Artist Chin Injeti Harnesses the Healing Power of Music in “Falling”

Thu Oct 01, 2020

Multi-GRAMMY and JUNO Award-winning artist Chin Injeti processes grief and healing in this, his new single release, “Falling”.

Featuring Esthero on accompanying vocals and Delhi 2 Dublin’s Tarun Nayer on tabla, “‘Falling’ was a cathartic experience for me,” he says. “It was my way of dealing with my Father’s passing, and is a bird’s eye view of the whole experience — both good and bad.”

Check out ‘Falling’ here:


On reflection, harnessing the power of collaboration and healing power of music as part of processing grief is in line with Injeti’s inimitably successful lifelong path. Music has always been something of a balm for the now-Vancouver based artist; born in Hyderabad, India and having to survive polio from birth, music therapy treatments helped facilitate his motor skills, ultimately changing his life.