McCartney Three Is Number One

Fri Jan 08 2021
Paul McCartney

What did you do with your time during the pandemic lockdown? Some people got to some long put off chores. Some read books, some folks binged on NetFlix.

Paul McCartney wrote, produced and played on a new record.

When the lockdown started Paul was with his daughter Mary and her family, 20 minutes away from his studio. “I was working on a tune for an animated film and I went to the studio to finish it up. It only took a half hour but it was so much fun so I kept going. I started finishing up some bits I had and started writing some new ones. The grandkids would ask me what I did in the studio so I’d play them what I’d done. Before I knew it I had 11 songs and thought I have enough for an album. And it was fun.”