Joseph Brooks Organ Promises to “Make Sure You Know” on New Single

Fri Jun 11, 2021

Remember when James Taylor hummed that we’ve “got a friend”? And all we’d have to do is call out, and a friend would be delivered? Welcome Joseph Brooks Organs — a singer/songwriter, troubadour, and softly sweeping lyrical mastermind who could readily be James Taylor making-good on that 70’s promise.

Originally hailing from London, Ontario, but calling Toronto home for nearly the past two decades, this multi-instrumentalist’s charming indie-acoustic vibe is a quaint canvass of love and all its wonderment on his latest offering, Lovelorn.

The sophomore album is a follow-up to Organs’ debut EP Tape from 2013. As he recalls, “[This album was] recorded by nine different musicians all in their own apartments due to self-isolation protocol,” adding, “Lovelorn is a product of the pandemic, and a testament to the will to go on creating whatever the impediments to that process may be.”

Joseph Brooks Organ Unpacks a Love Ultimately Lost in New Album, Lovelorn

Fri Mar 12 2021
Joseph Brooks Organ

Canadian singer/songwriter Joseph Brooks Organ is anything but bereft as he celebrates the release of his freshly pressed album offering, Lovelorn.

From start to finish, lush arrangements reinforce Organ’s lyrical storytelling, field guiding listeners along a narrative path through all the stages — for better or worse — of a love ultimately lost.

There’s hand wringing, there’s reflection, and even a dark comedic underbelly; in other words, it’s Joseph Brooks Organ’s signature song-based storytelling in prime form.

Mixed, mastered and featuring Damian Dobrowolski (Re:Verse, Tribe Called Red), the release also showcases the sonic stylings of Zach Bines (Weaves, Tim Baker, Sarah Harmer), Michael Tobin (L’Dor V’Dor, I Lost My Mind), Anh Phung (Hairbrain, Tullstars), Daniel Pencer (Andy Shauf), Taylor McGee (Musica Reflecta), Andrea Stewart (Collectif 9), and Spencer Cole (Weaves).