Omega Mighty Debuts New Dance With Her Newest Single, “Whine Masta”

Fri Aug 20, 2021

Contagious and hard-hitting as a dancehall track, new single “Whine Masta” is inspired by talented and boundary-defying Toronto-based dancehall and R&B artist Omega Mighty’s Jamaican / Bajan heritage.

And with plenty of electronic strings, deep punching bass, and an infectious melody, “Whine Masta” is sure to get audiences on their feet and feeling good. The deliciously fantastic new single was conceptualized after Omega Mighty found herself drawn to creating a song that would promote confidence and sensuality. With that idea fresh in her mind, Omega Mighty recalls she “really wanted to push the boundaries with the beauty looks.

Check out “Whine Masta” on YouTube here:

“As a beauty professional,” she continues, “I always want to incorporate clean beauty elements with non-traditional elements…”

Toronto Producer Taabu & Singer/Songwriter Omega Mighty Collaborate in New Single, “Ooey Gooey”

Fri May 21, 2021

Just in time for sizzling summer vibes, Toronto producer Taabu and singer/songwriter Omega Mighty serve up a bubblegum-sweet EDM-pop treat in the form of new single, “Ooey Gooey” — Check it out on YouTube here:

The infectiously feel-good track boasts enough layers of audio goodness to adhere to nearly every sweet tooth's musical desires; from the Drake-reminiscent drum and bass beats, to the magically ethereal synth melodies oscillating throughout, this soon-to-be smasher is nothing short of a dreamy delicacy.

Their third collaboration — including “Wishy Washy,” and featured on Haviah Mighty’s 2019 Polaris Music Prize winning release, 13th Floor — Taabu (Spencer Heaslip) created the track’s firm-footed foundation first, before sending it over to Omega Mighty for lyrics.