Indie Rocker Sharkorama Invents a 'Wicked Machine' in His Basement

Fri Jul 16, 2021

While life was put on pandemic pause for most of us during the past 15 months, Chicago-based indie rock artist Sharkorama kicked quarantine into creative high gear, building a new album from the first note up from down in his basement; Wicked Machine.

Check out the title track “Wicked Machine” on YouTube here:

Sharkorama is the solo vehicle of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cody Knauer, who says he “crafts earnest rock ‘n’ roll for slackers.”

Slackers take heed though... Knauer’s productivity is far more earnest than slack: Wicked Machine was built completely during a string of all-nighters Knauer pulled over the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in 2020.