Hip-Hop Artist Vivek Mehmi Releases New Indie-Pop Single, “Love Myself”

Fri Dec 03, 2021

It’s a strenuous battle when it comes to loving oneself through flaws and strengths, and Mississuga, ON hip hop artist Vivek Mehmi showcases this internal struggle in his newest single, “Love Myself”.

Check out “Love Myself” here:

Serving as a self-reminder to accept his position during hard healing moments, Vivek looks to instill a forgiving message into his listeners. Asking listeners to surrender, and to not be overly critical of the challenges people face daily, Vivek hopes to push self-reflection and awareness onto his growing fanbase. “Loving ourselves sounds cliché, or like a catch phrase used in the spiritual community,” he says. “But it’s really important, and not something someone else can do for us.

“Sometimes we have layers of trauma that need to be healed before we can get to this point.”