AUS!Funkt Want You to “Set yourself free” with the Release of their Latest Single

Fri Apr 01, 2022

Canadian art-rock quartet AUS!Funkt want you to “Set yourself free” with the release of their fiery new single – check it out on YouTube here:

Fresh from their newly landed EP, Human Response, the track offers a straightforward message through its unconventional mash-up of the Toronto-based band’s signature blend of post-punk surf-rock, psychedelia, and electro-funk.

“This song came together pretty quickly, and was one of the first we wrote together as a group,” the band recalls. “Michael Wallace of Preoccupations helped produce this track, and added some percussion and tape-delayed vocal effects.”

Electro Post-Punkers AUS!Funkt Get You To Dance with New Single & Video, “Information YEAH!”

Fri Jan 28, 2022

Parsing through the endless avalanche of head-spinning data and around-the-clock updates, Toronto-based electro post-punkers AUS!Funkt get you up and grooving to pandemic-overload with the release of their new dark, danceable single and video, “Information YEAH!”.

Landing alongside the release of their freshly minted EP, Post-Stagnation, “Information YEAH!” begins with distortion and a tinny beat. From there, the bassline comes in, followed by rhythmic guitar, and then pulsing percussion that evokes a heartbeat; it builds and builds, and then come the vocals — spare and spoken and monotone, evoking a feeling of detached isolation and the quiet, repressed desperation of the modern age.

Check out “Information YEAH!” on YouTube here: