From Cuba to Toronto Izael Nzas releases new video “Silence”

Fri Aug 16
Izael Nzas Beyond Stars

How do you describe this new offering from Izael Nzas? From harpsichord-like tone to the simplest music notes to vibe in a delightfully unique experience. Some interesting percussion and piano choices. Ambling rhythms, plucky string and keyboard taps meld into one big conglomerate of sound.

Izael is such an eclectic artist rangng from Afro, Latin, Classic and Jazz all fused together to great his sound. A World of Music – Un mundo de musica!

“In this project, I overpassed my expectation I started without even knowing that a few months later I was going to discover I am a composer. I started with the instrumental “Inner Peace” and when I finished I said, you should spend some quality time trying to understand this music composition thing.”