BUBL T'S Pushes the Limits of Pop & Love with New Single, “Intimacy”

Fri Oct 09, 2020

Hamilton, ON’s artists Bubl T’s continue to push the boundaries of pop and limits of love with the release of their newest single, “Intimacy”.

“We’re exploring that certain subtle but very telling details of a close romantic relationship,” Bubl T’s hint of the progressive pop song’s content. “There are metaphors that reach places beyond Earth to truly imply the scope and beauty inherent in such a relationship.

“This is a pure and straightforward love song.”

Check out “Intimacy” here on YouTube:

That said, not all is light in its love; the final line in both verses, ‘even on Earth throughout all the most wonderful years,’ has a slightly haunting quality to it, despite its upbeat delivery. “We wanted to usher the listener to a somewhat safer and warmer place than the one implied by our present situation on Earth,” composer and producer Robert Bruce says.

Hamilton, ON’s Pop Artists Bubl T’s Release EDM Version of “Dance In the Moment”

Fri Aug 21, 2020

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of pop, Canadian artists Bubl T’s says “all things are fair game.” Nowhere is this more exemplified than on their newest  single, “Dance In The Moment” and its EDM version.

Featuring esteemed musicians in their own rights — Martina Aswani, Alex Whorms, Robert Bruce, Mark Shannon and Ruth Chan — Bubl T’s embrace a wide spectrum of genres and influences while creating their own unique brand of sound: catchy, fun and danceable pop songs with solid melodies, engaging structure, and great production.

“Lyrically, the song reveals the thoughts of a young woman at a busy dance club who is only interested in dancing,” Bubl T’s say about the track. “Ultimately, she’s happy when she connects with someone to dance with for the night.

“That’s all she’s really after.”