Composer Rob McAllister Releases Ambient Neoclassical Project, Music Within

Fri Apr 09, 2021

Canadian composer Rob McAllister’s ambient, neoclassical project Music Within is set to soothe thoughts and ease minds with his new, dream-like single, “Reverie”.

Like watching the sun set upon a quiet hilltop on a summer night, “Reverie” is a tranquil, relaxing, and beautifully mellow composition. Featuring the arrangement of soft, gradual piano keystrokes adjoined with the alleviating reverb of the synthesizer, “Reverie” rounds out with warming strums of an electric guitar.

Listen and enjoy “Reverie” here:

The resulting dreamy sound flows through ears with ease, settling in the crevices of minds, and instilling audiences with a sense of peace. “Within you, there’s a place of escape; a place to reflect, reminisce and wonder; a place that’s all your own,” he expresses. “I hope this music might offer an escape for those experiencing a difficult time right now.”