Award Winning Creator Brooke Burgess Proudly Presents His Ultimate Ode to Fatherhood

Fri Jul 16, 2021

With the first being his son, Raimi, award winning Canadian creator Brooke Burgess has released his second greatest opus; double-single “DADBOD” and “Best Friend,” and titular double-album DADBOD.

Best Friend (Official Music Video — DADBOD — Brooke Burgess W/ Tobias Tinker + Chrystal Leigh)

After 25 years in the entertainment industry writing, directing, and producing video games, animations, interactive narratives, and audio projects (see: Electronic Arts, Broken Saints, The Cat’s Maw, and Buddha and the S**t — plus a win at the Sundance Film Festival), DADBOD lands as more than just a mid-life singer/songwriter flex.

No, this is the legend of an incredible boy, the man who was transformed by his love, and the kind of bond that comes around once-in-a-(thousand)-lifetimes.