Award-Winning Artist Sarantos Is “Looking UP At The World” with the Release of New Single

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Internationally acclaimed award-winning DIY artist Sarantos channels his signature upbeat songwriting style to tell a melancholic story about pushing through life's physical and mental pain with the evocative new single, “Looking UP At The World” – check it out YouTube here:

Sarantos’s latest emotional single, “Looking UP At The World,” conveys the crippling feeling of being helpless as everyone else moves on in life. As Sarantos says, “being on the floor because that’s the only position that doesn’t hurt, and there I feel alone and like the world is passing me by.”

Chicago's Sarantos Assures That “Love ALWAYS Wins!” in New LGBTQIA+ Single

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Award-winning singer and multi-instrumentalist Sarantos delivers the positive vibes and messages we all need with his effortlessly charming new single, “Love ALWAYS Wins!” – check it out on YouTube here:

The inspirational song embeds an unapologetic call to action for justice and equal LGBTQIA+ rights within a lively tune radiating with energy. According to Sarantos, the song's objective is simple: “to bring awareness to the struggle LGBTQIA+ individuals go through daily.”

Deceptively intricate bass lines and a laid-back percussive style set the stage for catchy lyrics and a distinct musical aesthetic that stands out from the rest of the pack.