NITE Releases Thrashing Metal Anthem Single on Addiction & Toxic Relationships

Fri Apr 01, 2022

From burgeoning rock that rolls into a thrashing metal anthem surging with the fire of enough 80s synth to power 100 suns, Dallas-based dark wavers NITE take the day with the release of their new single, “Good Boy.”

“Good Boy,” the band — aka the twin mastermind duo of Kyle and Myles Mendes — says is an anthem about saying no to addiction and unhealthy relationships.

Check out “Good Boy” on YouTube here:

“Since the instrumentation set up the song to be more grungy, we wanted the lyrics to be playful — almost vindictive,” NITE explains. “Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’” was a reference for how we wanted the chorus to sound; we wanted to repeat a strong and spiteful message.