Singer/Songwriter Duo Twisted Royalty Take Destiny by the Horn with Groovy New Song, “Unicorn”

Fri May 27, 2022

British singer/songwriting duo Twisted Royalty fulfill their destiny as rockstars with a groovy song about the unattainable connection between two people we all long for on the fiery new single, “Unicorn” – check it out on YouTube here:

Co-written with Speech, Twisted Royalty’s synthesis of funky bass licks and artisanal lyricism is on full display with “Unicorn,” a track about the complexity of relationships. All of the intricacies and social dynamics associated with healthy connections are playfully explored in this pseudo-love song. The sonic affinity the duo shares is further enhanced by their biological sisterhood, making for a cohesive musical experience that immediately attracts anyone within earshot.