Salt Lake City, Utah Pop-Country Artist Elliott Novak “Why Does Everyday Start With Goodbye”

Fri Jun 03, 2022

American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Elliott Novak channels his Salt Lake City, Utah upbringing into his signature pop/country sound with the release of a heartwarming new single and EP, “Why Does Everyday Start With Goodbye”

Novak’s Inspiration for “Why Does Everyday Start With Goodbye” began innocently enough as a song about what we often find in a typical day, but quickly became much more. As Novak says, "I kept thinking about how everyone — including me — puts all their hopes into finding that special person to share their life with… Only to end up spending most of their time apart.”

As Novak began to reveal his debut single to colleagues and friends, the song’s message immediately resonated. “When I first started showing people the song on the piano, everyone was like, 'you're right… Why DOES every day start with goodbye?!’”