Charlottetown Rockers the Pearly Gates Say “There’s a Black Hole (Where Your Heart Should Be)”

Fri Jun 10, 2022

Charlottetown rockers The Pearly Gates have burst wide open with love lost on their newest single, “There’s A Black Hole (Where Your Heart Should Be)” – check it out on Spotify here:

The East Coast-based four-piece comprised of Mark Palmer (vocals, guitar), Colin Buchanan (guitar, vocals), Roger Carter (drums), and Chris Francis (bass) sings the score on a familiar fable, uniquely delivered in their unmistakable sonic offering: a modern twist on 60s rock nostalgia. “There’s A Black Hole” juxtaposes an uptempo jangly dance party with melancholic lyrics.

“I liked the idea of writing a song about a bad relationship I had been in with a dark lyrical theme,” explains Palmer, adding “accompanied by a sunny happy chord progression and sing-along cheerful melody.”