The Happy Campers (feat Super Producer CHRIS BIRKETT) Release “Icky Cottage Blues” About Those Horrible Summer Getaways

Fri Jul 29, 2022

Who hasn’t embarked on an outdoor adventure only to learn that the accommodations are a little bit … Icky? Appropriately (and maybe ironically) named Toronto duo The Happy Campers serve up a roaring rock-blues amalgam capturing all the nastiness of a lake cottage gone wrong in their new single, “Icky Cottage Blues” -

Pounding drumbeats, wailing guitars, and a wild, careening rhythm are the backdrop to a tale that starts out, “I knew things were bad/ When I unzipped my bag/ And a spider crawled right inside.” Mice, bats, and rats also have their cameos, as well as a mysteriously sticky carpet and a shower so scuzzy it’s better to bathe in the lake.

Sound familiar? Then you’ll understand the comical lyrics and vibe of this latest single by this husband-and-wife team made up of music veteran Chris Birkett and JUNO Award-nominated video director Joan Prowse.