Australia's Strawberry Swing Debuts Nostalgic Fueled “Bennie (Won’t Dance)” Featuring meadowhip

Fri Jul 29, 2022

In a production that feels like a time capsule, Strawberry Swing brings everything great about 80’s pop rock and fuses it effortlessly into a modern production that feels timeless in their newest single, “Bennie (Won’t Dance)”

Like something right off a Billy Joel album, “Bennie (Won’t Dance)” features smashing piano stabs accompanied by a groovy drum set — all leading the listener onto the dance floor.

Absolutely infectious and masterfully executed, it ultimately boils down to an inviting call to action to enjoy yourself and dance it out. Encapsulating Strawberry Swing’s dedication to their production value are energetic piano licks and drum kits, each serving as the diesel fuel driving this high-octane production to its penultimate chapter: a super sick guitar solo.