Fri Aug 25, 2017

Kelita Haverland, singer/songwriter, motivational speaker and comedienne has had a very successful career so far but to hear her talk she is just getting started. And she is getting set to embark on yet another exciting chapter on her journey. “I am so excited to finally give you some amazing news! This is my 35th year of being a recording artist, and with that I am embarking on my 9th studio album called “Everyone Has a Story”. We begin recording in September, so the clock is ticking.”

Kelita goes on to explain “I am now crowdfunding for the album, which is where my fans and friends come in. The way the music industry is evolving crowdfunding is most viable way to record. It’s win/win. It gets the fans some unique perks and allows an artist to record their music with expenses covered by “investments by friends and fans. I decided to go with Pledge Music which is GoFundMe and Indiegogo but is just for recording artists.”

What you get if you donate? You get a pre-order of the album, private behind the scenes videos and updates about the project. You will receive special gifts you choose from, for being part of the process. “I have some cool things to give out. Unreleased music from my country days, handwritten song lyrics, one on one Skype conversation with me & Living Room Concerts, to name a few.” Everyone who contributes will receive something for their investment.

So how does one get involved? “You can simply Make a Direct Donation. I'd be happy to discuss by email how to do that through: Email transfer, Credit card or Cheque.
Just email me at”. Kelita has other components to her Pledge Campaign.

Kelita“I'm teaming up with Ratanak International once again, so a percentage of your financial pledge will go to helping young girls in Cambodia who have been rescued from the sex trade. I really hope I can count on you to be part of the team and share this with your friends! It's going to be a lot of fun.”

For those of you that know and love Kelita it’s time to get on board; for those of you who don’t, a little background.

Kelita’s musical road was paved early in her life. While in church in Calgary, singing in the choir, she was encouraged to keep singing by a lady named Dorothy. Dorothy’s last name was McGuire and she was a member of the world famous McGuire Sisters recording group famous for their songs ‘Sugartime’ and ‘Sincerely’.

And then, with a huge record deal on Capitol Records in Nashville about to firm up, everything changed. The Capitol deal fell apart due to corporate restructuring, her thirteen year marriage was coming to an end and Kelita was involved in a near fatal car accident. These series of events would crush most people but Kelita used this as an opportunity to do some serious soul searching and re-evaluation of her life. “I was already not happy with the way it was all making me feel. I would look around at the lifestyle and people involved and think this isn’t who I am.”

And lastly Kelita would like all to know “I have a new website! The new is much more in depth than my last site. On you are able to discover more of what I do and the lives that have been affected.”

Also, after much encouragement, and after years of working with women ‘behind the scenes’, I have created a Life Coaching & Mentorship program. This is soooo exciting for me as I love to help women move forward both personally and professionally. Check out the video and pages regarding these programs. There is also a section of Classic Kelita photos taken over 35 years of being in the business. You'll see some major 80s hair styles and some great shots of me with people I have shared the stage with, who are much more famous. I encourage you to check around the site and also get involved with my crowdfunding Pledge Music campaignfor the new album. You have made it possible for me to continue to record my music. I sincerely couldn't do what I do without YOU! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU so much!”