Country Artist Travis Dolter Glances Back Fondly While Looking Ahead in Jangly “Senior Year”

Fri Jul 01, 2022

Whenever we’re about to close one life chapter for the next, there’s guaranteed to be a flood of memories and emotions, and graduating from school is certainly no exception. Award-winning Canadian country crooner Travis Dolter captures the heady yet scary experience of leaving college for the real world in his new single, “Senior Year” – check it out on YouTube here:

Smooth and poppy with just the right amount of jangle, “Senior Year” gives us a list of all the fun, memorable activities a college student might have engaged in over the course of four years – ‘Tuesday night drinking and wing Wednesdays,’ watching Friends marathons, ‘playing late-night pool in a Midterm craze,’ and taking a girl out on a first date, ‘falling in love, jumping in too fast’.

Award-Winning Rockers WILDSTREET “Say Goodbye” with Release of New Single

Fri Jul 01, 2022

Capturing the spirit of the great ballads of the 90’s, “Say Goodbye” is the brand-new single from award-winning rockers, WILDSTREET — available this week with tour dates – listed below.

Upon a backdrop of eerie strings and cranked-up hard rock guitars, the song clues us in on the end of a very sick and twisted relationship.

The fourth single WILDSTREET have released via Golden Robot Records, the song was co-written and produced by Todd Long (Ghosts Of Sunset), mixed by Jon Wyman (The Pretty Reckless), and mastered by Howie Weinberg.

WILDSTREET is a band that began in 2006 and released their self-titled debut album on Retrospect Records in 2009.

Rock-Metal Artist SymLa-3000 Sings About Lost Love in Melancholy New Single, “Monochrome Story”

Fri Jul 01, 2022

From the land of the rising sun ascends the charming Japanese rock/metal outfit SymLa-3000 and their first English language song about the gloominess of lost love; the melancholy new single “Monochrome Story” from the album The Spectrums – check it out on YouTube here:

SymLa-3000, which is derived from the Japanese word Shinra-Bansyo (森羅万象) — which means the nature of the entire universe and also translates to “sympathize” — is the brainchild of singer/songwriter and frontwoman for SymLa-3000, Hakula.

Ritalin Boy Summons Brigade of Demonic Soldiers with New Single, “The Skeleton Army”

Fri Jul 01, 2022

Canadian singer/songwriter Ritalin Boy harnesses ethereal forces to summon a brigade of demonic soldiers hellbent on enforcing the right to PARTY in the name of the Queen with the rippin’ new single, “The Skeleton Army” – check it out on YouTube here:

“The Skeleton Army” is the title track from Ritalin Boy’s forthcoming sophomore album that features an electrifying sonic diversity amongst the six sophisticated arrangements to form a quintessentially Canadian record; the album is an epic testament to Ritalin Boy’s comprehensive sound palette and realist perspective when tackling an array of social phenomena.

Alt-Rock Artist One No One Paints a Sonic Portrait Fitting of “Angels” with Release of New Single

Fri Jul 01, 2022

It’s a heavenly offering from One No One. The indie-rock artist from Western Canada is seeing “Angels,” and he’s painted a sonic portrait sent straight from above for each of us to spin and soar on repeat!

Check out “Angels” on YouTube here:

“Angels” serves as the lead single from One No One’s recently released EP, Now One Knows (2022), and the quaint, catchy track sets the stage for the Calgary-based rocker’s inquisitive and insatiable thirst for going deep inside the human emotion — and singing the truth about it.

“Don't pass life with downturned eyes
Wings you have will make you fly
I will look right though your eyes
Be a god, take what's mine”

Indigenous Artist Hayley Wallis Takes A Cathartic Journey Through Heartbreak In “Think Of You”

Fri Jul 01, 2022

Young love can be difficult to navigate, especially when it ends… Canadian singer/songwriter Hayley Wallis captures this raw vulnerability and longing ache in the aftermath of a breakup in her new single, “Think Of You” – Check it out on YouTube now:

With an emphasis on the craft of storytelling, “Think Of You” taps into Wallis’ own experiences intertwined with those of friends to create a heartfelt, soulful, and melodic journey through trying to let go of someone you once loved. From lyrics like “I wish you stayed” to “I have so many, many questions,” the song’s aim is, ultimately, to get over the hurt.

Pop-Country Duo Broadtree Say “You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone" with Catchy New Single

Fri Jul 01, 2022

Combining catchy pop-country with their signature theatrical flair, Toronto-based duo Broadtree say “You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone” with the release of their new single – Check it out on YouTube here:

Written by co-fronts Armand Antony and Nicole McCafferty, and mixed and mastered by Sean Andrews (Glass Tiger), the song is officially for anyone who’s been wronged; the upbeat, post-relationship anthem swirls and soars with themes of knowing your worth and standing up for yourself as it further cements the pair’s place within the Canadian country music scene.

“This is a big, loud, and fun song about female empowerment,” Nicole shares. “It keeps the message at heart through banter in the lyrics without getting too preachy; there are so many sad breakup songs in this genre that we wanted to write the same outcome — but in an extremely positive way.

Canadian Country Artist Bree Taylor Brings the “Sha La La” to New Single

Fri Jul 01, 2022

Recently hitting the CBC Searchlight Top 100, chart-topping and multi-award-nominated Canadian country artist Bree Taylor invites you to the honky tonk with her instant country singalong classic, “Sha La La” – check it out on YouTube here:

The latest single from the breakthrough Canadian country starlet is as fun to dance to as it is to enjoy around a campfire. In true Bree Taylor style, it’s authentic and downhome, teeming with lyrics that relate to the day-to-day and apply to each of us universally.

Following fresh from this Spring’s single, “On My Own,” “Sha La La” tosses back a shooter of summer fun and laughter, presenting a picture complete with not only memories of days gone by, but chances… Chances to create new ones, chances to sing along, and chances to fall in love with a brand-new track from a country powerhouse in the making.

Award-Winning Rapper Azeem Haq Debuts Talent Powerhouse Prowess with New Single – “My City”

Fri Jul 01, 2022

Originally an anthemic ode to Toronto, Azeem Haq’s newest single, “My City”  ultimately spotlights a wider sprawl with features from first-rate hip hop heavyweights The Game, Lazarus, Fredro Starr, and JRDN.

Check out “My City” on YouTube here:

It starts with Azeem Haq’s innate ability to construct a high-octane and hard-hitting cadence, and is paralleled on “My City” by expertly-executed cypher praising some of the genre’s most influential cities — delivered by some of hip-hop’s most influential creators.

Big Little Lions Celebrate Radical Self-Acceptance on Exuberant New Single, “I Know I Know”

Fri Jul 01, 2022

Songs about complete contentment and radical self-acceptance are few and far between, but multi-award-winning folk-pop duo Big Little Lions manage to celebrate both in their upbeat, stomping new single, “I Know I Know” — fresh from their new album Happy Accident – check it out on YouTube here:

With simple drums and jangly acoustic guitar, “I Know I Know” features an easy, infectious chorus and a message of positivity about following your own lackadaisical path and trusting your intuition: “Everything I’ve done so far doesn’t make any sense/ And I guess it’s just a happy accident/ That I find myself here/ I’m lucky, I know.” Helen Austin and Paul Otten’s voices blend beautifully, and they often sing in unison, inviting the listener to sing along and adopt the mantra for themselves. And what, exactly, is that mantra?

Singer-Songwriter Rose Ranger Summons “Power” in Her Confessions with Release of New Single

Fri Jun 24, 2022

A sincerely raw tale of self-summoning and speaking truth to those who abuse their authority, Canadian singer/songwriter mainstay Rose Ranger’s new single summons all her pop “Power” and then some. And arriving fresh from her sixth studio album release, Confessions.

“‘Power’ is about justice and finally standing up for oneself; to speak your own truth,” Rose shares. “It's about how pain can be transformed into power and empowerment from the oppressive forces that want to keep us down and dim our light.”

The message is raw and clear-cut, as are some truths that cut people down off their high horses; “Power” conveys a sense of vulnerability, as Rose Ranger breaks free from a cruel tyrant. Lyrically, the track hits a lot of sore spots while gently soothing open wounds with words of reassurance and empowerment.

Check out “Power” on YouTube Here:

Canadian Alt-Rocker Siobamm Fires Up the “Meat Machine” with New Single

Fri Jun 24, 2022

The roller derby rockstar from the 6ix is blowing out the speakers with the latest entry in her rock and roll repertoire; Siobamm’s new single “Meat Machine” – check it out on YouTube here:

Acquiring management by Canada’s rock darling Bif Naked and Peter Karroll, Siobamm continues to blast her own path in the independent rock alternative community with her powerhouse vocals and undeniable songwriting and production skills.

Siobamm’s musical career was birthed from isolation caused by the pandemic, and the Roller Derby enthusiast found herself with the time to focus her attention on writing, recording and producing. By 2021, she had fully completed her self-produced debut EP, Gloom Patrol. Comprised of goth alternative undertones, laced with rock and roll and pop melodies, the four-song-strong album set the course for Siobamm’s foray into becoming music’s newest, and brightest rockstar.

Chinese Man’s Matteo Unveils New Trip-Hop Jazz-World Project in Matteo & Bro

Fri Jun 24, 2022

Built around chance artistic encounters, and confronting electronic music and jazz head-on, new project reveals Matteo’s new trip-hop jazz project, Matteo & Bro.

The brainchild of DJ, producer, and co-founding member of the group, Chinese Man, and label, Chinese Man Records, Matteo’s Matteo & Bro orbits the universe of soul, funk, trip-hop, and world music — all with musicians at the heart of the process.

The eight-song release’s latest single, “Path,” features Franck Lebon; its official video is directed by Fred and Annabelle.  Check it out on YouTube here:

For its part, the single “Prumirim” features the sublime groove of General Elektriks within the atmospheric afrobeat, Brazilian rhythms, and baile funk. Named after a Brazilian beach in Ubatuba Matteo knows well, this song lands as an official invitation to dance.

Jeremy Rice asks “Why Do You Lie” from the Upcoming Album “The End of the Highway”

Fri Jun 24, 2022

Through a mix of classic rock stylings, poignant themes and enduring melodies, Jeremy Rice has set himself apart as a creator and performer, delivering his signature sound with originality and undeniable pop sensibility.

His 2019 album “Jeremy Rice and the Legendary Fist of Takinawa” was released to critical praise and enjoyed extensive air play on radio stations around the globe. Moreover, the record helped to further solidify Rice’s standing as a powerful songwriting force.

Rice’s latest album “The End of the Highway” is a love story themed around the journey of life, in a musical homage to 70’s Americana. The album comes in two parts, with Part 1 scheduled for release October 2022.

Leading into his upcoming album, “The End of the Highway”,  Jeremy Rice is pre-releasing the first single, “Why Do You Lie”.  Accompanying the brand new single is a colourful music video, inspired by the work of Andy Warhol, and the latest addition to Rice’s animated creations.

Check out “Why Do You Lie” on YouTube here:

Justyn Thyme Navigates A Contemplative Soundscape of Letting Go on New Single, “It’s Been Awhile”

Fri Jun 24, 2022

While the music itself lulls us into an even deeper state of meditation, or contemplation, “life could be so simple” is the thought-provoking refrain of award-winning Canadian Americana artist Justyn Thyme’s philosophical new single, “It’s Been Awhile” – check it out on YouTube here:

With deft acoustic fingerpicking and gorgeous, well-timed harmonies, “It’s Been Awhile” is a journey through letting go. It’s a message that’s much-needed throughout the world after several difficult years of a pandemic and so much unrest:
The world has cast a heavy shadow
Well, the light will always win
Yeah, life could be so simple

Acclaimed Guitarist, Songwriter & Producer Jeff Gunn Maximizes the Momentum with “Vitality”

Fri Jun 24, 2022

A song that can take listeners on a joyous, uplifting journey is needed more than ever these days and, if you can do it without singing a single word, that’s an amazing feat. Toronto virtuoso guitarist, songwriter, and producer Jeff Gunn has accomplished just that with his buoyant and brilliantly performed new single, “Vitality” – check it out on YouTube here:

Fresh from his newly released third album Momentum, “Vitality” showcases Gunn’s astounding technical prowess and unique use of harp harmonics for the guitar melodies throughout the piece. It’s a fast, exciting ride up and down the frets as Gunn’s fingers and palms race toward the two-and-a-half-minute finish line.

Canadian Alt-Rocker Harkness Say “Ciao To The Beauty” with New Single

Fri Jun 24, 2022

With Canadian alt-rocker Harkness saying “Ciao To The Beauty,” their new track — available now — will have you saying “hello” to your new favourites on the scene!

Check out “Cia To The Beauty” on YouTube here:

The solo artist from Toronto, Canada delivers a full-bodied soundscape full of rich instrumentation, yesteryear nods, and forward-motion music of the future. The title track from Harkness’ forthcoming album, “Ciao To The Beauty” dips and ducks around 60s flair while incorporating modern alternative rock and exciting musical experimentation.

“Many years ago, I went on a solo trip to Brazil on holiday,” says Harkness. “The gorgeous environment and the open, joyful character of the people had a profound effect on me — as did the fantastic local music that seemed to always be playing in the open air.

London, ON-Based Blu Bones Signs Deal With S!NG INC. NFT Market Place

Fri Jun 24, 2022

The stage is set for more Canadian artists releasing NFTs in Web 3, and classic rockers Blu Bones remain front and centre with their recent partnerships with both S!NG Market and Lemmon Entertainment! The new single and video, “Summertime in Europe (LIVE at Canadian Music Week),” is available now as an NFT.

The crypto-cred is longstanding for the London, Ontario-based band that just marked their 26-year anniversary; they were the first Canadian artists to release a single and video via NFT in Spring 2021.

With Our Lady Peace’s Raine Maida as CPO and EVP, S!NG Market is the music-only NFT marketplace for fans to buy, collect, and listen to exclusive music and add-ons from their favourite artists — before it’s available anywhere else.

“Artists can’t afford to not pay attention to Web 3,” Maida says of the burgeoning digital frontier — and Blu Bones agree.

“We are elated to be part of such a brand new, exciting, and cutting-edge platform,” Blu Bones lead singer Gord Prior shares. “I have no doubt that the S!NG platform is the future of music delivery, and is going to be a massive game-changer for artists across Canada and all over the world.

"Volume 1" From Strongman Blues Remedy Feat Steve Strongman, Harrison Kennedy

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Readying itself as an antidote for the weariness worn on the sleeves of blues music lovers everywhere, a new collective project makes its way to the scene with the Strongman Blues Remedy, Volume 1 —available June 17 via Stony Plain Records.

Watch “I Like To Ride” featuring Harrison Kennedy on YouTube here:

Conceived by producer, songwriter and artist Steve Strongman, the “collective”  features a veritable who’s who of the blues, including Dawn Tyler Watson, Crystal Shawanda, Steve Marriner, Jesse O’Brien, Alec Fraser, and Harrison Kennedy — who can be heard on the album’s newly released single, “I Like To Ride.”

The Heavyweights Brass Band Funk It Up & Never “Fake It” on Horn-tastic New Single

Fri Jun 17, 2022

The best brass music is full of sass, funky rhythms, and snappy melodies and Canada’s Heavyweights Brass Band has all that, and more! Down and deeply in the groove with their new sax- and soul-powered new single, “Fake It” is available from Slammin Media, and distributed worldwide by Believe this June 10th on all platforms!

Watch and listen to “Fake It” on YouTube here:

The latest single release from the Toronto-based brass band draws inspiration from drummer Gregory C. Coleman and his famous “Amen Break” solo first performed in 1969. Coleman originated it in the recording for funk and soul band The Winston Brothers’ b-side track, “Amen Brother.” It’s a rhythm pattern that is an enduring favourite in funk, hip-hop, and drum and bass music.