Neill Dixon Celebrates 40 Years of Canadian Music Week

Fri May 20, 2022

Canadian Music Week began in 1982 and has grown to become one of Canada's largest and most influential media and music conferences. It draws top industry professionals to participate in a four-day program of activities.

Designed to stimulate the exchange of ideas and increase dialogue while providing networking opportunities, Canadian Music Week continues to present the ideal platform for more than 3,000 national and international delegates.

CMW is the single longest running multi-day Canadian music and media event. It manages to consistently bring together music industry professionals from around the world for the week's events – combining conferences, award shows and one of Canada's biggest "New Music" festivals.

Throughout the duration of the event, performers put on shows at venues ranging from popular bars and halls, to intimate cafes. Many emerging new bands use the festival as an opportunity to be spotted by the A&R representatives who are around in greater than average numbers during the event. CMW has now also evolved into a meeting place for festival buyers from around the globe to seek out and find new talent.

Sultans of String Unleash New Single “Hurricane” into the Soundscape

Fri May 20 2022
Sultans of String

Canadian 3x JUNO Award-nominees and 4x Canadian Folk Music Award-winners Sultans of String release their latest single, “Hurricane”; featuring Turkish pop superstar Suat Suna recording English vocals for the first time.

Watch and listen to “Hurricane” on YouTube here:

The NY Times and BILLBOARD charting world music supergroup collaborated with Suat Suna for the new song fresh from their eighth and most recent album, Sanctuary: The Refugee Project.

Suat Suna has released 12 studio albums selling millions of copies in his native Turkey. Born in Istanbul to a master violin father, he started learning the violin at the age of four. Suat graduated from Istanbul University Conservatory and started winning many awards, leading to becoming a giant of Turkish pop music, touring endlessly across the country.

Network While You Can

Fri May 20 2022
Peter Åstedt

I remember the board meeting the first year I was getting my network together. This is over fifteen years ago, so the concept was new to go around and attend different events to build up a strong network to get your music out into the world. Before this, you mainly just built networks yearly at Midem in Cannes, France and that was it. As well,  there was a hierarchy that was sometimes very hard to break through.

Singer/Songwriter & Mental Health Advocate Michelle Titian to Showcase at CMW 2022 For “Drive”

Fri May 20 2022
Michelle Titian

Heading into the 40th Anniversary of Canadian Music Week, Singer/Songwriter Michelle Titian is excited to be performing at an official showcase, opening for the Rasta Phil & Friends show at The Revival Bar in Toronto on June 9th, 2022.

A natural talent with a powerful story, Michelle Titian is a world-class Canadian singer-songwriter who brings raw emotion and real substance to a yearning music industry. With poignant lyrics and emotive performances, Michelle’s upcoming album is a true testament to the strength that can manifest through vulnerability and the beautiful connections that can be built through an honest soul.

Michelle’s intrinsic musical talent allows her to effortlessly arrange melodies and harmonies that tap into human emotions and share artful lyrics that speak to the human soul. Her songs are an open and unashamed exposure of her battle with alcohol and depression, her journey to recovery and the love she feels for her life now.

Chris Birkett Puts Two Years of COVID, Climate Change & Crass Excess in the Rear View with New Single, “2022”

Fri May 20 2022
 Chris Birkett Puts Two Years of COVID, Climate Change & Crass Excess in the Rear View with New Single, “2022”

When we reached the end of 2020, it could certainly be said that “never has there ever been a year like this.” Then, 2021 came along and upped the ante with more chaotic uncertainty. Now, with just one-third of another year behind us, British-Canadian singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-award-winning producer Chris Birkett is musically posing the question that’s on everyone’s minds: ‘What about you, 20-2-2? in this, his new single “2022” – check it out on YouTube here:

New Year’s Eve makes most of us reflective of the year that was and anticipatory of what’s to come but, for Chris Birkett, it also generated a creative spark.

Rush – Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary Album

Fri May 13 2022
Rush – Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary Album

Rush fans are a special breed. Very few are what you'd call "casual listeners." They love Geddy Lee's deft bass lines (I'm looking at you, I Love You Man) and his helium-drenched vocals. They know when Neil Peart switches from 7/8 time to 4/4 time in Tom Sawyer. They know what kind of strings Alex Lifeson uses (they're Dean Markleys, by the way). Which is why many are thrilled that UMe/Mercury and Anthem Records label groups continue the extensive Rush 40th anniversary album series with new, expanded editions of the band’s groundbreaking 1981 release, Moving Pictures, embodying its well-deserved classic album status. Moving Pictures-40th Anniversary will be available to fans in six distinct configurations, including the (1) Super Deluxe Edition, (2) three-CD Deluxe Edition, (3) five-LP Deluxe Edition, (4) one-LP Edition, (5), Digital Deluxe Edition, and (6) Dolby Atmos Digital Edition

Lunar Bloom Release Briliant New Single “Call Me a Woman”

Fri May 13 2022
Lunar Bloom Photo Credit Danielle Meredith Photography

Following their highly acclaimed single “Heroes,” harmonizing trio LUNAR BLOOM have a new single “Call Me A Woman” from their upcoming full-album debut RUNNING DEEP which comes out this June. Lunar Bloom is Brittany Rae RobinsonKelly McNamee, and Jocelyn Regina, a Toronto-based trio rooted in the folk tradition. Their original songs feature complex vocal harmonies and intimate storytelling. The emotionally-charged “Call Me A Woman” will be available on all major platforms through CD Baby. For more information please visit any of the links below and at Lunar Bloom’s website.

"Call Me A Woman" is an unselfconscious feminist anthem, set to minimal electric piano and bass, and showcasing Lunar Bloom's typically glorious harmonies – which powerfully and dissonantly soar into the stratosphere when the song peaks about mid-way through. "I am a woman" is repeated many times, as an affirmation and a mantra, and each voice is doubled to represent both solidarity, and the connection to all other women.

Susan Aglukark Reveals a Lesson in Belonging and Beyond with “The Crossing”

Fri May 13, 2022

Multi-JUNO Award-winning Inuk singer/songwriter Susan Aglukark reveals a lesson in belonging and beyond with the release of her new album, The Crossing.

We caught up with Susan at her home in Ontario, Canada, and the passion you hear in her songs are just as much a part of her personality as her musical offerings.

“I grew up in a musical environment which is where all my musical influences started for me. My parents were heavily involved in our community, with my Dad, David Aglukark being the Church Pastor (and a singer/songwriter in his own right) and my Mom, Dorothy Aglukark was an active Community leader, they were the first ministers in our area. So music was a major part of those growing up years for me,” she explains.

SING! The International Vocal Arts Festival Marks 11th Edition Slated for May 26 to June 5, 2022

Fri May 13 2022

SING! The Toronto International Vocal Arts Festival marks its 11th year with a return to both in-person and virtual events from May 26 to June 5, 2022. The full schedule, tickets and festival passes are available now at

Canada’s premier a cappella festival includes 60 free and ticketed performances and workshops, crossing cultural, demographic and musical styles from around the globe. Events will take place in various downtown Toronto venues, with some virtual livestream options available.

This year’s festival spans music, film, art theatre, and education. Highlights include:

You Can’t Paint Over Bad Music

Fri May 13 2022
Peter Åstedt

I don’t know if it’s a trend right now, but I get in suggestions to check out acts that have very strange stage shows. And not just a strange show, also strange styles like experimental folk triphop. I like when you do something new, but the rule is still do something new but  it has to be good or to say excellent.

It’s like baking a cake, you can go safe and bake a strawberry cake. Nothing really can go wrong with a  recipe that has been here for generations and everybody likes it. Then go for to be different and put in a layer of mustard and soya sauce. No, you don’t need to try it, will be awful. Same here in music, you can put in a layer with blueberry to make it different, you need to understand what really would elevate that strawberry cake. To do that you need to know how to make a strawberry cake from the beginning.

Barrie’s Troubadour Festival is Back Featuring Dwayne Gretzky, Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy, Dylan Sinclair, Lydia Persaud & MORE

Fri May 06 2022
Troubadour Festival

With Kempenfelt Bay serving as a beautiful backdrop like none other, residents of Barrie and beyond are set to gather outdoors to enjoy live music again this June 24th and 25th for the Troubadour Festival!

Rounding the event out with Canada’s reigning couple of Celtic fiddle, Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy, the two-day Festival will span genres to feature something for everyone — including Canada’s greatest party band Dwayne Gretzky, R&B swooner Dylan Sinclair, tribute extraordinaire The Sh**ty Beatles, soul songstress Lydia Persaud, power-popsters PONY, and breakthrough pop talent Josh Bogert.

Taking place at the Meridian Place Amphitheatre, the relaxed, family-friendly, and open-air concert marks its return to playing host for folks from all over Ontario to enjoy world-class live music and entertainment. With a previously featured artist roster that includes Cowboy Junkies, Basia Bulat, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Matt Andersen, Martha Wainwright, Born Ruffians, The Weather Station, Whitehorse, and more, the tenured festival has played host to thousands of music lovers from across the province since its inaugural year in 2018.

A Change Of Local Heroes Is A Must For The Future Music Industry!

Fri May 06 2022
Peter Åstedt

It’s pretty clear that today we are talking about the music industry from a local view and a global view. The national view is fading out with accelerated speed. Only large countries like the USA will have a national industry but it will be also put down to the state level. Canada will also be divided into smaller territories.

The national level is just too small to survive on. The industry today with all its tools for global marketing makes it possible to be global. You have to start locally of course to build a fanbase, but the next level, the national level is soon unnecessary. When I speak to many frontline export offices they have already started to change their operations to fit this new change in the music industry. Gone are the initiatives that you want to sell your artists to another country, in our collaborations and exchange of knowledge and network.

It's all good that we already are doing these changes since it will help us in many ways to get to a more sustainable music industry along with the touring. The problem I see is that the local scene is not ready at all for this big change.

The 19th Edition of c/o pop Festival in Cologne, Germany Huge Success

Fri May 06 2022
The 19th Edition of c/o pop Festival in Cologne, Germany Huge Success

This was the 19th edition of the c/o pop Festival in Cologne, Germany. It’s well established but still is in a lot of development. Like many of the showcase festivals this year they almost had to do a restart. A new area and a new conference space were the big new editions this year. Many of the old visitors also said it was the biggest c/o pop Festival so far and that they had done a giant leap in all sections of the festival.

c/o pop Festival goes on for a staggering five days, Wednesday to Sunday. The conference part is mainly on Thursday and Friday and during the weekend it’s mainly music and the festival closes off streets in the area Ehrenfeld and turns it into a great street festival and club scene.

Promo Man – Nick Panaseiko

Fri May 06, 2022

If you’ve never heard of Nick Panaseiko, that’s entirely understandable. He was a backstage guy, making sure that the act onstage is playing to a full house, making sure their records were on the radio and in record stores.

I had the great pleasure of being on the receiving end of this ‘promo man’ while I was in radio in Montreal as Music Director of (CJ)FM 96 back in the late 70s. I was extremely young for that position, however I was treated with such respect and had gained a reputation for having good ears and picking the hits.

Back in the day, ‘radio day’ as it was called was on Wednesdays; a day when all the label guys would line up outside my office to pitch their latest releases. Nick Panaseiko was one of those guys.

Nick would arrive in my office, clutching 45s and albums, looking like Elton John WAY before Elton personified that look, with his signature glasses, great style of dressing, it only amplified the excitement he had for the latest artist, the latest single, the latest album, which he insisted I listen to right away. And he was always right – too many hits to name so read the book!

Simply said -Nick was a Promo Man.

Spike Bulgarian Music Showcase Announces Delegate Panelists for Inaugural Event Pt. 2

Fri Apr 29 2022
Spike Bulgarian Music Showcase Announces Delegate Panelists for Inaugural Event Pt. 2

SPIKE is comprised of a conference and series of music performances. The conference includes panel discussions and workshops that touch upon diverse topics in the music industry.  Read about the first 9 diversified Panelists and check back next week for the rest and see the new additions of talent and artists.

For a full list of the Delegates and Panelists visit:

Boyan Robert Pinter (US)

Boyan Robert Pinter (US)

Award-Winning Rocker Robb Nash is the “Ally” Many Need with Release of New Single & EP

Fri Apr 29 2022
Robb Nash

Named an ‘Extraordinary Canadian,’ award-winning Canadian rocker and Governor General of Canada Meritorious Service Medal recipient Robb Nash is the “Ally” many who are waging war against mental illness need to have on their side.

So goes the fitting title of his newly available song and EP, “Ally” — the latest in a string of stirring releases shining a stark spotlight on suicide and prevention.

Check out the video on YouTube here:

“With the theme of being ‘at war’ with mental illness, I wanted to show all aspects of it,” Nash shares, citing his forthcoming album’s title, This Is War. “There are moments when you're on the front lines. There are moments when you're in triage

I Am In Search of a New Artist!

Fri Apr 29 2022
Peter Åstedt

As we begin to leave the chaos of the pandemic and COVID behind us, of course now we have the economical and sustainable problems it created.

It feels like a new start. Everything seems to be starting over. Same with me.  Sure, the artists I work with are still here, but they have their careers and are doing fine. The fresh start though offers me an opportunity to find a new artist that I could breakthrough in the world. I’m also excited about the new networks and places I know where I have a big chance as a manager to make a difference in a career and make the perfect storm.

What do I look for? I will be totally honest here and tell you the things that I’m looking for when I choose to start working with an artist. Not always all criteria are met but most of them must be fulfilled to be able to take advantage of the opportunity I can provide for their career.

JUNO-Nominated Canadian Pop Group Girl Pow-R Dazzle with Out-Of-This-World New Single, “Galaxy”

Fri Apr 29 2022
JUNO-Nominated Canadian Pop Group Girl Pow-R Dazzle with Out-Of-This-World New Single, “Galaxy”

While Girl Pow-R may be based out of Toronto, the young, powerhouse women who comprise the group come together from all parts of the globe, and now they’re back with a single that’s outta this “Galaxy” – watch more on YouTube here:

The JUNO-nominated girl group — including Emma Bown from Hamilton, Cindy Kofman from Richmond Hill, and Carina Bianchini from Markham — have been inspiring audiences and motivating young people since bursting on the scene in 2017. The pop/alternative/dance outfit found one another on International Women’s Day, and have been leaving their indelible mark on the music community ever since.

Now they’re back with “Galaxy,” the eponymous lead track off their sophomore release. The electro-pop, alternative track is a metamorphosis into a new sonic era for the group. Produced by Jovan Jovanov and Ivan Jovanov IWAYO, the song speaks to the greater purpose of the group: reminding fans that nothing is impossible and that aiming for the stars means landing among the galaxy and new heights.

LeAnn Rimes How Much a Heart Can Hold

Fri Apr 29, 2022

The video for LeAnn Rimes' song, "how much a heart can hold," is here! Rimes' visual for the latest song from her upcoming album, god's work, features shots from her wedding to Eddie Cibrian as well as other special moments.

The video, which was released in honor of the couple's wedding anniversary on April 22, begins with a slideshow of sweet black-and-white images from Rimes and Cibrian's big day, and continues to flash through some of the couple's most treasured memories over the last 11 years. The touching tribute ends with the pair walking hand-in-hand as Rimes' melodic voice trails off in the background.

Watch leann rimes - how much a heart can hold (anniversary celebration) on YouTube here:

Americana Songstress Francine Honey Lights the Way Through Life With New Single, “Hold On”

Fri Apr 22, 2022

I first became aware of Francine Honey and her songs a few years ago, and the lyrics and her voice caught my full attention. “Snowflakes On My Eyelashes” (feat. Beth Nielsen Chapman) was the first song I listened to by her, and it captured my heart – a song about grief and loss all the while offering hope. Watch the poignant and beautiful video here:

I lost myself for hours listening to her other great songs; I Carry On, Come Sit in My Chair, I Soldier On to name a few.

Then a few months ago, this talented singer/songwriter put out a great light-hearted pandemic ditty called “Hunker Down” – check out the video here: