Fri Dec 09, 2016

Cool Cat Records has announced the release of "Rockabilly Rebel", a fresh new music video and single by singer songwriter, pin up model, and super luxe entrepreneur Heather Ballentine. The video, directed by Marc Esteves & produced by Ballentine Entertainment, features cameos of Toronto biker & entrepreneur Paul Dutra as the "Rebel" and CCMA Hall of Fame inductee Barry Haugen.

"Rockabilly Rebel" is from the album "The Cat's Meow", produced by Pete Anderson, available on iTunes.

Heather recalls, "my first boyfriend smoked, wore a leather jacket, and picked me up for dates on a motorcycle. My dad wasn't thrilled, but years later the experience was the inspiration for 'Rockabilly Rebel', which I co-wrote with Lary Bartley".

Heather Ballentine is a beautiful southern belle with a keen ear for quality music and a keen eye for exotic luxury cars. And that’s exactly how she lives her life: selling Lamborghinis, writing music, singing songs, building media brand, and modeling pin-up. Entrepreneur by day, artist by night. Her pursuit of excitement, education, and entertainment all began in Arkansas. There, she was born to Marilyn Monroe (not to the Marilyn Monroe: but to a wonderful woman named after the star). This early exposure is what gave Heather the insatiable hunger for a taste of the world of pin-up fashion.

Together, they lived with her entrepreneurial father, a man with a deep passion for music and an even deeper love for cars. Heather’s home was an environment that both embraced and encouraged her drive for success. Following her mother’s influence, Heather began commercial and runway modeling throughout her University experience. This is a time when she truly got to know herself, when she truly found herself, and when she truly embraced herself.

Heather shifted to pin-up modeling to show off her curves and to step out against societal pressures. This gumption placed her in the top-ten of the Miss Arkansas Pageant and as the number one swimsuit queen. She used the rewards to help pay for her education, and she used the experience to make a difference.

Following her father’s passion, Heather went on to pursue a career in music entertainment in LA. She collaborated with musicians and artists and eventually worked her way up to being part of a band that opened many major acts in 10 different countries around the world. Together with her co-writer Lary Bartley and Grammy Winning Producer, Pete Anderson, she eventually created an album, “The Cat’s Meow”.

Throughout this time in LA, she juggled several online businesses to support herself. This is the exact experience, inspiration, and time management that has allowed her to cultivate the space needed to become a spokesperson, an entertainment media mogul, and later, a successful Lamborghini saleswoman. She has filled this space with her journey to building entertainment businesses and brands through both new and traditional media.

Currently, Heather is the president of Cool Cat Records Inc. and Ballentine Entertainment. Following her father’s love, Heather bought herself her first car: a teal green Chevrolet Camaro. Over the years, she afforded herself an even higher performance car: a Porsche 928. At the time, she was only 19, yet she was more in tune with her need for speed – and luxury – when it came to getting behind the wheel. Her cars haven’t lasted forever, but her passion has. Today, Heather is in the top percentage of super luxe car salespeople in North America. Her unique curvacious pin-up style has encouraged her to be an actor of social change. Her innate tendency towards music has led her to making media history. Her love for cars has influenced her success in luxury automobile sales. And now, her booming success and contagious personality has drawn her motivational speaking and inspirational content. This success is the result of an inherently determined mind and a growing entrepreneurial spirit. Whatever comes her way, Heather Ballentine is driven to succeed.

"Rockabilly Rebel" Official Music Video by Heather Ballentine

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