Montreal Brother/Sister Duo Just Costa Set Sights on a "Bubblegum Sky"

Fri Aug 21, 2020

Canadian brother-sister popster duo Just Costa are gazing up and out at a “Bubblegum Sky” when it comes to this, their latest summer bop and stunning lyric visualize.

Watch and listen to “Bubblegum Sky” here:

The Montreal-based fam-band embodies the term “happy-go-lucky” through and through, and counts music like a ticket to their own sonic theme park. "We call it Just Costa Land," quips Jesse Just Costa, who leads the outfit with older sibling Juliana. "It's like this: We want to bring the sense of an amusement park to our music. The excitement, the enthusiasm, the joie de vivre, the willingness to be happy and grateful and positive and live life to the extreme; that's what we're trying to construct."

Between them, they have all the building blocks they need in a sort of supernatural blend of style, skill and substance that takes a lifetime to achieve. Which is about how long the Just Costas have been making music.

Brother/Sister Duo Just Costa Make Everything “Peachy” With Fresh, Feel-Good Summer Groove

Fri Jun 26, 2020

For Canadian brother-sister duo Just Costa, music is just the ticket to their own sonic theme park, and their glistening, feel-good summer anthem “Peachy” lands as top contender for its theme song.

Listen and watch “Peachy” here:

Lighthearted and upbeat, the track mixes pop, R&B and g-funk into a catchy groove start to finish, combining full band and synth-based elements along the way. “The message shines as a pinnacle of positivity,” the sibling set says. “It expresses that every moment can feel like a margarita on the beach.”

This Montreal-based fam-band embodies the term “happy-go-lucky” through and through. That likening of their music to a theme park? That’s their real deal.