The Record Breakers Cozy Up With “Winter” Single

Fri Dec 25, 2020

At over 300,000+ streams across platforms and following their recent debut at #1 on Amazon Music’s playlist, Canadian pop-country band The Record Breakers offer a ‘warm sweater on a cold day’ in song form with “Winter”.

“This is one of my favourites that I’ve written,” member Bella Galasso shares of the song that recently debuted on Spotify’s official ‘Christmas in Canada’ playlist. “I was 18 years old when I wrote it, and had just begun a new relationship. I think this song captured my feelings then and still does now, three years later. This song has always meant a lot to me, and contains lyrics that continue to comfort me today.Check out “Winter” on YouTube here:

Pop-Country “Discovery of the Year” & CBC Searchlight Picks THE RECORD BREAKERS Release “In My Car”

Fri Aug 28, 2020

At over 11,000+ views and debuting at #1 on Amazon Music’s “Country du moment” playlist, Canadian pop-country band The Record Breakers continue to soar beyond sonic norms with the release of their latest double-single, and first bilingual release, “In My Car / Dans mon char” — available now.

Watch and listen to The Record Breakers here: “In My Car / Dans mon char” here:

See, on the surface you have your standard checklist for the makings of a stellar contemporary band: two main vocalists, guitarists, and songwriters, Hayden Nolan and Bella Galasso, accompanied by knockout keys, bass, and drums from Michael Vallinakis, Devan Meisner, and Julian Galasso, respectively.

Check, check, and check.

But dig a little deeper, and you discover The Record Breakers are so much more.