Get “High” on Jordana Of Earth’s Stunning New Electro-Pop R&B Single

Fri Jun 04, 2021

Breathy.  Sultry. A fusion of electro-pop with notes of R&B. Canadian singer/songwriter Jordana of Earth is back with her latest offering, an intimate love letter simply titled, “High”.

Check out “High” on YouTube here:

Her delicate vocals float like silk between the melodies, dripping with passion and eroticism in a vein not unlike Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” mingled with the edginess of The Weeknd — a near-notable nod to the indelible Toni Braxton. With “High,” the Toronto-based artist takes calculated risks with the track, tying off intricate beats with smart lyrics and a dream-like vox that transcends the listener into a sphere caught somewhere between being in love, and making it.

Toronto R&B Artist Jordana Of Earth Drops Sultry New Single, “Tell Me”

Fri Feb 05, 2021

At 85,000+ streams on Spotify alone, rising R&B singer Jordana of Earth has just added to her library, releasing her latest single: an extremely catchy and moody love song entitled “Tell Me”.

Check out “Tell Me” on Spotify here:

Keeping true to her already-established sound, the 1990s-inspired track takes elements of the Electropop genre — reminiscent of Daft Punk, The Weeknd and late-era Janet Jackson — with the added surprise of an extremely emotional guitar solo to really up the ante.

“’Tell Me’ was written from the standpoint of someone (me) who is used to the hustle — with little time for romance — but is about getting caught up with someone who they just can’t take their mind off of,” said Jordana in regards to the creation of the four minute, 20 second-spanning tune.

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Fri Feb 05 2021

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Stepping in with a comeback single from a band that thankfully keeps coming back. Recorded remotely in lockdown by band members in their homes in Toronto and Montreal, and assembled and mixed by Moist guitarist and producer, Mark Makoway, “Tarantino” is Moist’s first new release since their 2014 album, Glory Under Dangerous Skies.

Toronto Electropop R&B Artist JORDANA OF EARTH No Longer Going Through the “Motions”

Fri Nov 06, 2020

Toronto Electropop R&B artist Jordana of Earth has channeled her intuitively sensual and deeply introspective style into this, her newest single “Motions”.

Check out “Motions” here:

“I wrote ‘Motions’ when I felt like I was falling for someone,” Jordana of Earth reveals of the track’s inspiration and seeming muse. “I wasn’t sure, though, if I was feeling true feelings of love, or just getting caught up in the excitement of a new person and convincing myself that it was something real.”

‘hold on, wait, in a way I feel like I’m just moving through all of the motions, and that this ain’t true’

“That line is meant to really illustrate a moment where I catch myself before I get too carried away,” she continues. “The song is, in this way, very self-aware, and I paint this picture that my self-awareness and doubt is some sort of gate, wall, or barrier.