Runa The Tide of Winter

Fri Dec 18, 2020

Celtic ‘super group’ Runa is back with a brand new Christmas album and it’s a dandy!

The current climate of the pandemic may have slowed the band down but they refused to let it stop them. The band , consisting  of vocalist and step-dancer, Shannon Lambert-Ryan of Philadelphia, Dublin-born guitarist, Fionán de Barra, Cheryl  Prashker of Canada on percussion, Jake  James of New York on the fiddle, and Caleb Edwards of Nashville on mandolin and vocals have released their long awaited Christmas album, The Tide of Winter. In the tradition of their past work of blending tunes of Ireland and Scotland with the tight harmonies and the rhythms and percussions of jazz, bluegrass, blues and folk they have carved their own niche in the Celtic/Americana/ Roots world.