Folk Artist Kele Fleming Laments Loss of Ecosystem in “Where the Rivers Meet"

Fri Oct 08, 2021

The indelible, but tenuous bond between the natural and human worlds is being tested like never before with unprecedented loss and change. And singer-songwriter Kele Fleming has distilled her grief over this, and relationships, into a musical merger of hope and healing in this, her new single, “Where the Rivers Meet”

Check out “Where the Rivers Meet” here:

The sixth single to be released from Kele (pronounced Kelly) Fleming’s fourth solo album, The Song I’ll Write For My Whole Life, “Where the Rivers Meet” is a touchstone for the multi-layered senses of grief and loss that thread their way through the album.

Folk-Pop Artist Kele Fleming Sings Through Seismic Life Shifts in “Me Oh My”

Fri Jul 30, 2021

When looking ahead down the road of life, the temptation to peer in the rearview mirror is always just a glance away... And it’s that sense of these past experiences, big life changes, and hope for the future fuelling folk-pop singer/songwriter Kele Fleming’s fiery new single, “Me Oh My” — give a listen and watch it on YouTube here:

Written by Fleming’s longtime collaborator and friend, Ron Yamauchi, “Me Oh My” gives the Victoria-based artist the opportunity to stretch vocally from calm reflection to an emotional roar — knowing well what inspired Yamauchi’s powerfully personal lyrics.

I talked my way outta so many tomorrows
Some good, some great
Who’s the fool now and the sorrow?
Me oh my

Folk Pop Artist Kele Fleming Creates Natural Buzz with New Single “Vanishing of Bees”

Fri Jun 11, 2021

At the crossroads of a child’s wonder at discovery and an adult’s grief over what’s been lost stands Canadian singer/songwriter Kele Fleming’s song-of-the-times, “Vanishing of Bees”.

Fleming re-released “Vanishing of Bees” accompanied by a new live video featuring her full band to continue the efforts of the UN World Bee Day. Additionally, 100% of digital sales of the single via Bandcamp will be donated to the David Suzuki Foundation.

With the double whammy of a worsening climate emergency damaging our planet and a worldwide pandemic ravaging our population, there’s no time like the present for this clarion call-to-action that Fleming also describes as “a beautiful lullaby for a time passing and a way of life that is threatened”. 

In what the Vancouver Sun’s Stuart Derdeyn calls “a lush pop ballad boasting a soaring vocal on the chorus”, “Vanishing of Bees” powerfully juxtaposes a nostalgic, youthful world view with the harsh reality of today’s global environmental crisis.

Folk Artist Kele Fleming Soothes & Sways with New Spin on Single, “Sea In Me”

Fri May 14, 2021

It’s not just a clever conjugation that Canadian indie folk pop songstress Kele Fleming’s new single “Sea In Me” feels like a rushing of the waves when it bursts out of your speakers. Yes, you are swaying. Yes, you are losing yourself in the oceanic prowess of her incredible, soothing vocals. Yes, the instrumentation lifts you up, and whisks you away with the tide. It’s calling for you, this song. It’s calling for all of us.

Check out “Sea In Me” here on YouTube:

A follow up to her previous, well-received effort, “The Latest Meme”, “Sea In Me” is an anthem that strings Fleming’s enchanting traditional roots with her perchance for rock and roll together — and features an acoustic remix from Jesse Waldman.

Kele Fleming Calls Out Society’s Addiction to Tech with Thought-Provoking “Compassion Machine”

Fri Apr 02, 2021

Is the world getting to you? Are you longing for more connection? Do you relate more to social media vs social interface? If the answer was “yes,” grab your preferred device, cut through the chaos, and tune into Canadian singer/songwriter Kele Fleming’s new single, “Compassion Machine”

Spanning a runtime of four-minutes-ten-seconds, “Compassion Machine” is an exposing commentary on our technological dependency, and its role as a mechanism of coping with reality.

Check out “Compassion Machine” on YouTube here:

The allaying melody of the single's instrumentation is an entendre to Kele (pronounced “Kelly”) Fleming’s subversive lyrics; her vocals are both congenial and alluring while, at the same time, furthering the single’s cautionary parable in a cleverly ironic way.

These sentiments resonate with truth in the lyrics, “I bow to a new god, all shiny, bright, and oh so sleek.”

Singer/Songwriter KELE FLEMING Releases New Single Sure To Go Viral — ”The Latest Meme”

Fri Jan 29, 2021

Canadian singer/songwriter and pop artist Kele Fleming has just released her latest single, “The Latest Meme” – Watch and listen here on YouTube:

Existential lyrics like “10 years on / So much is gone / Am I more weathered?” and “Age of distraction / What’s the attraction?” make it clear that Kele (pronounced Kelly) wrote this surprisingly upbeat and jazzy tune about the inevitability of coming to terms with aging and the overall struggles of staying adapted with the youth of the latest generation and their trends — the digital age, in this case.

“The Latest Meme” comes from the queer folk singer’s fourth and most recent album, The Song I’ll Write for My Whole Life (2020); the 10-track record marks her official comeback to the music scene, after nearly four years away.