Pop Artist Kayla DiVenere Explores the Frustrations Of Impossible Standards in “Megan Fox”

Fri May 13, 2022

A good rule of thumb: The type of dude who has posters of babes on his wall is often not the type of dude you want to date. And Los Angeles-based pop diva Kayla DiVenere sings like someone who’s learned this lesson the hard way on her searing new single, “Megan Fox” – check it out on Spotify here:

With a foundation of artfully dissonant industrial beats, “Megan Fox” tells the story of a young woman whose boyfriend compares her unfavorably with a poster of Machine Gun Kelly’s fiancée… And it doesn’t end well.

“Why can’t you be more like her”
Your famous last words
And if we’re just taking turns
Well, I’ll go first:
You can go and get a new girlfriend

Pop Artist Kayla DiVenere Explores the Stresses of Dating Through Dark Humour in “PSYCHOPATH”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Sometimes having a string of fleeting romances in our teen years makes it easy to feel like there might be something wrong if we can’t settle on one person… Canadian pop artist Kayla DiVenere confesses to these feelings, and more, in her alternatingly depressed-then-exuberant new single, “PSYCHOPATH” – check it out here:

Kicking off with a dark and heavy bassline that’s somehow both goth and grunge-y all at once, the pace picks up and the Montreal-born / Los Angeles-based dynamo’s song quickly turns into a danceable pop-punk earworm.

“Why do I keep stopping
Before it starts
I jump to the end
Like you already broke my heart”

Soon, the narrator asks herself: “Am I a psycho, psychopath / What’s wrong with me, I’m scared to ask.”

Another simpler explanation, however, soon arrives in the second chorus: “Boys are dumb.”

Kayla DiVenere Spins Teen Fantasy in Nostalgic, Youthful Obsession with New Single, “Justin Bieber”

Fri May 07, 2021

The year is 1990 and your walls are adorned with cutouts from the latest teen magazine of your favourite heartthrobs... From the back of the bedroom door, to the ceiling above your bed, the closet and your locker, you are inundated with posters of your first real celebrity crush... Take a deep breath of that nostalgia, and press play on Montreal-born now L.A.-based Kayla DiVenere and her single, “Justin Bieber”.

Both an homage to a teen fantasy spun out like an audio book of every girl’s diary, and an instant pop classic, DiVenere pulls no punches and risks it all to candidly reveal her affinity for the Biebs himself.

Calling on him to be her “boyfriend,” while she mercilessly offers to be his “baby,” the track is laced with clever references to the pop sensation’s career including “you don’t have to be sorry”—  a clear nod to his singles.

“My song 'Justin Bieber' conveys a comedic side to infatuation where reality and Hollywood life blend together,” DiVenere explains. “Justin was every young girl's dream celebrity crush, leading me to write a song that is so relatable.

Watch the adorable video of “Justin Bieber” here on YouTube: