Canadian Roots & Blues Singer/Songwriter Steve Paul Simms is “Rolling” Along with New Single

Fri Jul 23, 2021

He’s “Rolling” down the line now, a freight train headed straight for you… It’s Canadian artist Steve Paul Simms and his latest bluesy, grassroots fed cut newly released single. A testament to the charm of Steve Paul Simms, “Rolling” is the latest from the veteran singer/songwriter with more than two decades of legacy to write home about. The third single from his widely acclaimed fourth release, Ingrid and the Messenger Boy, “Rolling” is Simms’ follow-up to his well-loved “No Money Comin’ In” (April, 2021)

Check out “Rolling”on YouTube here:

“’Rolling’ is a celebration of freedom on the open road, the need to just go, with or without a destination,” Simms explains. “A great driving tune based on a hypnotic guitar riff, it’s a rootsy, bluesy, upbeat tune with acoustic and electric textures.”

Roots & Blues Artist Steve Paul Simms Goes For Broke on New Single, “No Money Comin’ In”

Fri May 14, 2021

Raw, real, and authentically blues, “No Money Comin’ In” is the latest confessional from Canada’s own Steve Paul Simms.

With “No Money Comin’ In,” the blues riff conquers your groove, willing your body to move. Available now, the grungy rock and blues anthem is a toast to a commonality we’re all facing in the height of this global pandemic — a lack of the benjamins. And Simms bets it all on this track, getting right to the heart of the matter with the truth —  the good, bad and ugly of it all.

“Written at a challenging time, when love ultimately won out over financial hardship, the song allows the listener to imagine their own ending to the story,” Simms explains, adding that the track is “dedicated to the triumph over life's hardships. “There's a lot of light and laughter here too.”