Punk-Pop Rocker Chris Nine Unleashes “ghosts” to Combat Whispers of Relationships-Past

Fri Dec 24, 2021

Shattering relationship ideals and their lingering effects on the psyche, Canadian rocker Chris Nine looks left at angst and right at pure adrenaline for his raucously rebellious, fully super-charged pop-punk new single and video, “ghosts”:

Taking a bayonet straight to the heart of the perilous emotional expedition that is love, and the raw vulnerability it takes to give it a shot, the Toronto-based singer/songwriter shares. “I wanted to embody the feelings of love with its heart-pumping feeling, juxtaposed by the heaviness it can leave,” Nine says. “‘ghosts’ captures how that overwhelming lust for another can topple one’s self-control over rationale, and open oneself up to the rollercoaster of emotion — just for the slim chance at happiness.”

Canadian Rocker Chris Nine Unleashes New EP, the heavy

Fri Dec 03, 2021

Canadian artist Chris Nine’s recently unleashed EP of adrenaline-inducing post-hardcore punk-pop, the heavy, is proof positive the Toronto-based rocker is a force to be reckoned with all his own.

Featuring “fracture,” “ghosts,” and “the rage,” the blistering trio of tracks serve deeper purpose than an all-out, high-octane sonic sojourn; in fact, they nothing short of extricated the singer/songwriter after a devastating series of events — a concussion, a breakup, a global pandemic, to start.

Watch “fracture” here:

“The songs on the heavy all resemble the past, present, and future components of dealing with relationships and trauma,” Nine reveals. “I was navigating this mental fog, and confronting shadows of my past. From this, the heavy was summoned; each song sheds light on the different perspectives each version of self brings to the table, and the emotions that follow.”

Toronto Punk-Pop Rocker Chris Nine Unleashes Blast of Adrenaline with Blistering “the rage” Single

Fri Sep 17, 2021

Canadian post-hardcore punk-pop rocker Chris Nine unleashes a blistering blast of bone-crushing adrenaline in the form of his new single, “the rage”.

The new supercharged single lands ahead of the Toronto-based artist’s forthcoming EP, The Heavy, due out this Fall.

Check out “the rage” on YouTube here:

“the rage” is a harrowing opus that unveils the duality of love and the consequences of our actions. This viewpoint puts the listener’s experience front and center, creating a connection using emotionally complex themes while embedding them within expertly produced music you wouldn’t typically hear from a newer artist. Chris Nine bears his soul to tell a tale that’s as much filled with tragedy as it is hope.

“I show up, a fight last night was what you
Had to call it
I’m so sorry, I’m still lonely
Can this be our moment”