Canadian Alt-Indie Rock Duo Blackout Orchestra Unveil “Unfound”

Fri May 13, 2022

Rooted in pulsating beats and flowing vocals, Canadian alt-indie rock duo Blackout Orchestra masterfully deliver a soothing shoegazer with the release of their new single, “Unfound” – watch and listen on YouTube here:

Like its recently released predecessors, the new single represents yet again the lavish eclecticism solidified on their forthcoming album, Beauty Sleep; “It’s Fine” and “Tongues” lead the charge of singles between last year and Valentine's Day 2022, with each providing introspective insight into Blackout Orchestra as songwriters and their ability to vocalize the full range of the human experience. “Unfound” continues that journey, breaking out in unassuming, melodic undertones — soon blending the lush harmonies of Ben VanBuskirk (vocals, music) and Morgan Thompson-Reid (vocals).

Alt.Rockers Blackout Orchestra Release New Dream-Like Smooching-Inducing “Tongues”

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Alt-indie rock duo Blackout Orchestra release their hazy, dream-like, and make-out-inducing new drop, “Tongues” ahead of their forthcoming sophomore LP, Beauty Sleep – check it out on YouTube here:

The song sizzles as it moves along in a gritty, sexy, Garbage-esque offering, refusing to back down, repeating crashing crescendos as the song lurches forward — never bending in its ability to draw you in and hold you in a trance. It’s a lovesick, alt-rock banger Ben VanBuskirk (vocals, music) and Morgan Thompson-Reid (vocals) dare you to try on. But the real thrill is knowing you’ll be back for seconds, and thirds, of this extraordinarily thirsty track.

Blackout Orchestra Delve into the Complexities of Non-Monogamous Relationships with “It’s Fine”

Fri Sep 24, 2021

“It’s Fine” is the latest musical effort from the unique perspective of Canadian alt-rock duo Blackout Orchestra’s primary songwriter, Ben VanBuskirk, and singer Morgan Thompson-Reid — on whom the song is based.

Available now, the catchy pop guitars and a dance beat are juxtaposed with unrelenting lyrics that emphasize honesty and vulnerability. The efficacious connection between the two is essentially due to the loving and trusting relationship they have away from their art; this natural chemistry allows for a more poignant look at aspects of relationships that are frequently not discussed in music.

“It’s Fine” examines themes of jealousy and insecurity in open relationships through multiple frames of reference to paint a sonic portrait unlike any other. The song celebrates self-reflection and personal growth in a relatable way while acknowledging seemingly insurmountable internal challenges. VanBuskirk explains how the song came together while he “was in the midst of writing songs for the next record,” which is largely atmospheric, dreamy, and a little haunted.

Watch and listen to “It’s Fine” here on YouTube: