Alt-Rocker Bryce Clifford Crosses the Border from Heartbreak Lows to Highs in “Checkpoint Charlie”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and get the heck outta dodge, especially when staying put means staying close to the person who broke your heart. Such was the case for Canadian alt-rock artist Bryce Clifford when a sudden bad breakup fuelled him to leave his adopted U.S. home in Austin, Texas, head back to Hamilton, ON, and the creative fire to write and record his upcoming album, Rebounder — with its scathing first single “Checkpoint Charlie” – listen here:

With its brawny guitars and breakneck tempo, “Checkpoint Charlie” speeds through a checklist of loss, anger, grief, and bewilderment that only a big change and a long drive may seem capable of soothing.