Vancouver-Based Pop Artist Sarah Tolle Releases Body-Positive Messaging in “Like It Or Not”

Fri Apr 01, 2022

Beach season is soon upon us, and Vancouver-based pop artist Sarah Tolle has a new body-positive anthem titled “Like It Or Not” at the ready. Available now, the song’s message? Acceptance. “Like it or not/This is how I look naked.”

The track begins with that lapel-gripping line, followed by a driving, danceable disco beat. Tolle then takes us on a relatable journey of both liking and loathing her body — and trying to accept the body she inhabits on both good and bad days.

Check out “Like It Or Not” on YouTube here:

The idea came to her by accident, she shares.

Sarah Tolle Voices Empathy to Those with Mental Illness in Piano-Driven New Pop Single, “Fight For You”

Fri Jan 21, 2022

Fighting for one’s mental health can be a lonely endeavor; one made much easier when you have at least one person in your corner. Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Sarah Tolle gives voice to that fight through the perspective of a loved one or a friend in her cascading new single, “Fight For You”.

Check it out on YouTube here:

A piano-driven electronic pop ballad, the song’s standout feature is its deeply heartfelt vocals. “For me, the song is sung by a caregiver — someone in a support role,” Tolle says.

“Fight For You” begins with one rolling, harmonious word: You. It’s the word that provided an entry point to the song Tolle wanted to write, but that she then got stuck on. So, she asked her mom for help.