Music Historian Tom Locke Chronicles the Most Memorable “Moments In Time” in New Book

Fri Apr 01 2022
Tom Locke

We all have a list of artists and songs that were major influences on us from youth to adulthood. They were the posters on our bedroom walls. They made up the playlists on our cassette cases or now, in our apps. They’re the audio bookmark in all the chapters of our lives. In reverence to the power of music and the indelible influence, it has had in his own life, Canadian entertainment executive, music historian, and author Tom Locke brings us his new book, “Moments In Time - Stories About Artists and Songs of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. For Fans of Music…From a Music Fan”.

“This book is the culmination of a journey that started back in 1986 with an idea I had about creating a legacy to the music that shaped my life, and a desire to share this legacy in an entertaining and informative way with others,” says Locke.