Son of James Release, “Mama Never Told Me” Against Alarming Rise of Asian-Canadian Hate Crimes

Fri May 20, 2022

Canadian band Son of James harnesses a fusion of musical influence to highlight the rise in discriminatory attacks against Asian-Canadians during the Covid-19 pandemic, with his heart-stopping new single, “Mama Never Told Me” – check it out on YouTube here:

Dripping with heart and soul, “Mama Never Told Me” is a sonically smooth experience filled with soulful guitar playing and stellar saxophone work. Rich embellishments reveal themselves in the form of brilliant piano playing and soaring vocal performances. “Mama Never Told Me” tells a relatable tale about the most important woman in our life with all of the rhythmic complexity that Son of James is known for.

Vancouver, BC-Based Son of James Doubles Down With “I Need You” & “Have You Been in Love”

Fri Apr 01, 2022

While many romantic relationships have not survived throughout the global pandemic, many have thrived, begging the question of what’s behind love lost and found during this unprecedented time in human history. Vancouver, BC-based rock group Son of James is exploring these two sides of love from a personal perspective with back-to-back singles and videos, “I Need You” and “Have You Been in Love.”

Both “I Need You” and “Have You Been in Love” were borne out of pandemic-inspired introspection and creativity for Son of James’ lead vocalist and songwriter, Shon Wong.

Check out the tunes on YouTube here:
“I Need You”

“Have You Been in Love”