U.K. Blues Rockers Elta Wave Dive into “Deep Water” Funk-First with New Single

Fri Apr 08, 2022

The old adage “plenty of fish in the sea” only rings true if the previous one you hooked up with doesn’t leave you drowning in despair… Still, if you’re a songwriter, bad relationships can provide inspiration for some of the best songs, and so, with their super-funky take on moving on, soulful U.K. blues-rock band Elta Wave ride the tide of growing popularity with their new single, “Deep Water” – check it out on YouTube here:

“This song is about how we keep going after being gaslit in a messy relationship, and how you keep doubting yourself after someone has blurred your grip of reality,” explains lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and principal songwriter, Elta Nice.

It's been such a long chase, such a long search
And I'm not sure I'm right at all
I mean I'm just second guessing every second person that might have caused to this fall