Canadian Rockers Truce Serve a Sonic Testament to the Metal Gods with New Single, “Holyroller”

Fri Apr 22, 2022

Canadian rock band Truce showcases their high-precision musicianship and stadium-filling sound in a sonic testament to the metal gods with their latest rip-roaring single,“Holyroller” – check it out on YouTube here:

The blazing new single from the Moncton, New Brunswick-based band’s meticulously crafted new album, Unentitled, the release is a labour of love accounting for various rock styles — including blues, punk, and doom.

As the band maintains, “we don't discriminate when it comes to riffs…

“If it rips, it rips.”

Truce’s seamless musical chemistry puts forth the best qualities of all band members, with a tight playing style that is often associated with the highest performing acts in the world.