Fri Apr 30, 2021

The results are in: Canadian retro-modern country-fusion artist Joy Chapman is officially the new Guinness World Record holder for Lowest Female Vocal Note! She’s available for interviews and demonstrations as well.

Smashing the previous record of 57.9 Hz A#1, the British Columbia-based singer/songwriter unveiled her current record of 33.57 Hz C1 for the win.

“I’m honoured and excited to hold this official record with Guinness,” Chapman shared of the results. “And that said, I plan to break it! Normally, I go way beyond to being recorded at E0 20 Hertz, and with a recording high of C10.”

Check out the YouTube here:

Those same signature velvet-textured vox that secured the Guinness record also bring Chapman’s forthcoming debut release, Footprint In My Songs.

Featuring singles “I Don’t Wanna Dream Without You,” “Could’ve Been Yes,” and more, the 15-track offering makes way for the Surrey-area artist’s inventive and genre-bending old-meets-new sound: retro-modern country music.

“I developed a wide vocal range in grade school, and I grew up having a mother who was a music school teacher,” she shares of her journey and ability to cover everything from high soprano to alto, tenor, and even bass. “From there, my love for writing and doing poetry became a source of inspiration that pushed me towards a music career.

“Footprints In My Songs is my fusion take on the old-school country sounds,” she continues. “It showcases my more humorous and introspective, inspirational side, and takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions."

Among a multitude of performance credits — including holding her own Diva Tribute show, and performing main stage at the PNE — Joy Chapman toured with Legends International for six years (2014-2020). She also released a holiday single, “Santa Claus Drank All My Beer Last Night” (2019).

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