Fri Nov 02, 2018

He had a cult-like following and a sound like none other. Now, legendary Canadian “anti-star” Nash The Slash also has a documentary about him.

Toronto- and Ottawa-based filmmaking and production studio Side Three Media today launches a crowdfunding campaign in support of the 2019 release of And You Thought You Were Normal: A Documentary Film About Nash The Slash.

Through extensive interviews, archival footage and exclusive, rare imagery, audiences journey through Nash’s inimitable contribution to Canadian culture, including how and why this outsider artist commanded such strong international appeal, and why his work remains relevant to today’s new generation of music lovers.

The feature-length documentary tells “the universal story of an artistic struggle,” says Side Three Media of the mysterious musician who shared the stage with the likes of Iggy Pop, The Tubes, and Gary Numan; the doc features interviews with Numan, as well as Cameron Hawkins, Toronto’s Mike’s Music store owner and musician Michael Waite, Martin “Youth” Glover from UK band Killing Joke, and performance artist Danielle Dax. It “illustrates an artist who pursued his vision without compromise through his unwavering dedication to his gothic obsessions, punk aesthetic, and musical eccentricities.


And You Thought You Were Normal comes to the screen with a handful of the country’s top storytelling and documentary talent. Co-directors Kevan Byrne and Tim Kowalski champion the film’s vision; Byrne is an indie arts scene veteran, having toured the world with his band King Cobb Steelie, and added to his extensive TV and film credits by editing the film. Kowalski, for his part, is a triple-threat in the same scene; a musician (Toronto’s The Mean), cinematographer, and director, he also produced the doc. Additional producer credits are extended to revered visual artist, rock star whisperer and project manager Leanne Davies for her experience with all things “weird, outrageous, and bizarre” on the project, and to Kevin McGowan for his dazzling storytelling forte, thanks to his creations in unique audio series’ for The Ottawa Citizen, Training magazine,, and CBC.

The project’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo via

And You Thought You Were Normal: A Documentary Film About Nash The Slash is set for release in 2019.

Jeff Plewman, otherwise known as Nash The Slash, was a Canadian multi-instrumentalist who formed the progressive rock band FM with Cameron Hawkins in 1976. Just before FM’s first album Black Noise was released in 1977, Nash left to pursue his own vision. Technically fluent, he used counterintuitive instruments such as the electric violin and the electric mandolin in a guitar-laden world of hard rock. He created sonic soundscapes that mixed his influences and ignored convention. He was a pioneer of electronic music who had a well-known love affair with the drum machine, proclaiming that he was the first Canadian to use one on an album.

The anonymity of his persona - a featureless face covered in bandages - freed him to become a canvas that was as theatrical as it was paradoxical. Through collaborations with other like-minded artists, his stage performances reflected a trip so psychedelic that he crossed both space and time. Nash was gay. It wasn’t until 1998 when he publicly declared his orientation at a Toronto Pride performance. His sexuality was not known by all that worked with him. Nash died in 2014. His legacy left behind four decades of wild stories, strange releases, smoke-stained master tapes and dusty vinyl recordings that are still managed by his estate.

Side Three Media is a Canadian film production company based out of Toronto and Ottawa. The team’s current release, started in 2016 and slated for release in 2019, is a feature documentary about the life of music iconoclast Nash The Slash.

A veteran of the Canadian indie arts scene, Kevan Byrne has toured the world with his band King Cobb Steelie, and has become a highly sought-after film editor. He has many TV and film credits including the renowned indie doc I Dream Of Wires. Kevan is co-director and editor of And You Thought You Were Normal.

Musician, cinematographer, director, Tim Kowalski is a triple-threat in the indie world. As the Dee Dee Ramone-channelling bassist for Toronto's The Mean, and director of many music videos, Tim has developed a unique style and singular ability to get the best out of any shot. Tim is co-director and producer of And You Thought You Were Normal.

Leanne Davies is a revered visual artist, and talented project manager, and is very dialled into all things weird, outrageous, and bizarre. Her rock-star portraits have been sold all over the world, and she is our bridge between our collective left and right brains. Leanne is a producer of And You Thought You Were Normal.

An avid podcaster and producer, Kevin McGowan has created audio series for The Ottawa Citizen, Training Magazine, and a radio documentary for CBC. He brings his storytelling and communication skills to round out the team. Kevin is an executive producer of And You Thought You Were Normal.