Matt Morson Releases “Tailgate Patio,” A Simple-Pleasures Summer Jam All About the Dancing

Fri Aug 27, 2021

Sometimes the best things about summer are the most simple: the smell of dew in the grass, a charge in the night air, and infinite stars in a clear sky. And Nobeton, ON’s singer-songwriter Matt Morson captures these modest joys, and more, with his new single “Tailgate Patio”.

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Country Artist Matt Morson Puts His Heart on His Sleeve in New Single, “Take a Chance”

Fri Feb 12, 2021

After making his official comeback last summer, Nobleton, Ontario-born country singer Matt Morson has just released his latest single — it’s called “Take a Chance.”

Check it out here on YouTube:

Though the powerful country ballad sounds like a bit of a different approach for the Nobleton-based artist, it’s actually a style of song he admits to write in quite frequently — though it’s one he’s neither recorded or released prior to 2021.

Upon talking about “Take a Chance,” Morson revealed it had actually been written for a while. “[It] was written many moons ago, for my girlfriend, if I’m being honest,” he reveals. “Since then, it has become so much more…It's not just a love song, but also a song of hope.”

Singer/Songwriter Matt Morson Shakes Things Up in New Rock-Blues Single, “Why Woman”

Fri Aug 07, 2020

Canadian country to blues-rock artist Matt Morson has gone against his own grain as he unveils a spiffed-up sound in his new single, “Why Woman”.

Landing ahead of his forthcoming EP, the track mixes guitar-driven anthemic rock with leave-it-all-on-the-floor bass-led blues — complete with country storytelling mixed in for good measure.

But perhaps most importantly, it signals a change in direction and creative mettle for the artist.

“After being on the country scene for five years, I took a year-long hiatus,” the Nobleton-born, Toronto-based artist shares. “Coming back, the band and I decided to shake things up a bit.”

The result is a new sound and distinct style; a dedication to the ‘old’ with the flair of the ‘new,’ he says. “The song came to me while playing with some blues riffs,” Morson shares. “I was very much — and still am — into the classic sound of blues and rock. Naturally, these sounds shift towards times of stress and heartbreak. Add a little personal experience, a bluegrass riff, some good low end and you got yourself ‘Why Woman.’

Watch and listen to ‘Why Woman’ here: