Synth-Popper Grumpy Kitty Boy Confronts Reality in Striking New “Blue Eyes”

Fri Feb 12, 2021

Award-nominated and internationally esteemed Toronto-based artist Juro Kim Feliz’s synth-pop alter ego Grumpy Kitty Boy personifies the plight of people who need to let go of the past, live in the present, and look after themselves further ahead in this, his new single, “Blue Eyes” – watch and listen on YouTube here:

With a sentiment surrounding ‘but who am I? I’ll never know,” Grumpy Kitty Boy’s story surrounds feeling lost while singing about things that “don’t make sense,” Feliz explains. “He seems to suffer from amnesia while living in his ‘Unwanted’ adoption box, and sings about things like the night sky, zodiac signs, shattered TV screens, horizon lines…”

Grumpy Kitty Boy Gets Authentic & Reflective in Debut Single, “Airplane Wings”

Fri Aug 21, 2020

Award-nominated and internationally esteemed Canadian artist Juro Kim Feliz is channelling his synth-pop alter ego Grumpy Kitty Boy and encouraging listeners to live authentically in this, his debut single, “Airplane Wings”.

Watch and listen to “Airplane Wings”:

The song is all about examining life and relationships, even if it means risking loss or regret.

It’s a series of notions Feliz knows personally and all too well. “Switching gears in life is a tough choice to make,” he confides. “Arriving in Montreal from Manila as a student in December of 2013, the struggle to feel secure and find a place to call home became a recurring theme for me throughout the years.