Toronto, ON’s We Are Busy Bodies Label Announces the Release of Winston 'Mankunku' Ngozi’s 1968 masterpiece ‘Yakhal'Inkomo’

Fri Sep 11, 2020

Toronto, ON’s influential record label We Are Busy Bodies announces the release of Saxophonist Winston 'Mankunku' Ngozi’s 1968 masterpiece ‘Yakhal'Inkomo’ as a Canadian exclusive limited to 300 copies and remastered under Senior Mastering Engineer and owner of Lacquer Channel Mastering, Noah Mintz.

‘Yakhal' Inkomo”’ stands in the front rank of global jazz recordings. A certified jazz classic in South Africa, it has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and has never been out of print. But like so many other crucial South African jazz LPs, it was never released outside the country, and went unheard at the time by the wider world. This reissue is the first time that this truly essential jazz recording has been properly available outside South Africa.

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