Indigenous Pop-Rock Trio Low Budget Rock Star Unveil Cozy & Anthemic "Sunglasses”

Fri Apr 08, 2022

Indigenous pop-rock trio from Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Manitoba, Low Budget Rock Star deliver a fresh and invigorating power-rock single, “Sunglasses” – check it out on YouTube here:

Checking all the group’s self-designated boxes, “Sunglasses” is a bold new arena-rock sound smothered in a blanket of intimate yet catchy lyrical storytelling. Packed with feel-good lyrics and light-hearted chord progression, the song is teeming with plenty of lifts to pick spirits up and keep them high.

It’s not just high voltage sounds and riveting rolls through chords. This high-spirited anthem also holds a powerful message that Low Budget Rock Star holds close to their hearts.

“It’s important to acknowledge the insecurities we carry,” frontman Kennie Henderson shares. “And it is equally important that we do not allow them to consume the life we have.”

“Low Budget Rock Stars” Are Here and Mean Business With a Release of New Track

Thu Oct 01, 2020

When legendary rock n’ rollers release a song named after their own band, you know they mean business; we’re talking The Clash, Bad Company, and now The Pas, MB’s Indigenous rockers Low Budget Rock Star and their eponymous single.

Check out “Low Budget Rock Stars” here:

A small but mighty three-member group with a big purpose — to save rock & roll — multi-talented artists Kennie Henderson, Harley Whitehead, and Richie Cudmore’s bold brand of arena rock styles are the result of three music careers destined to land together.

“I’ve done it all,” Henderson shares, adding, “I’ve been playing music since I was young, but I always had something in the way: I worked various 9-5 jobs, I went to school to attain my Bachelor of Arts degree…

“Ultimately, it wasn’t good for me. The spirit of music relentlessly kept me awake at night and created an unhappiness that crept up on me every day.