Iconic Folk-Rocker Howard Gladstone Releases Two Singles from Concord Sessions Album

Fri Oct 15, 2021

A hybrid folk album that holds a disarming mirror up to human nature, Toronto-based contemporary folk-rocker Howard Gladstone has released his new album, Concord Sessions, and singles “Building A Fence” and "The World's Become A Warmer Place".

Check out “Building A Fence” here:

In the age of environmental and humanitarian crisis, and a future we have limited time to shape, the songs on Concord Sessions focus on the broader picture of where we humans are at — collectively, as a species. 

Looking in the mirror reveals many sides of our human nature, our strengths, weaknesses, even foibles. “These are songs to help heal the planet,” the singer/songwriter shares.

Check out "The World's Become A Warmer Place" here:

Folk Troubadour Howard Gladstone Releases New Single “Paradise, Passing Through”

Fri Oct 02, 2020

Toronto’s contemporary folk-rocker Howard Gladstone sings of “Paradise, Passing Through” in this, his newest single.

The song is the first to arrive ahead of Gladstone’s forthcoming and sixth album, The Promise, set for release October 9th, 2020.

Watch and listen to “Paradise, Passing Through” here:

“Paradise, Passing Through” was composed during a marvelous trip through Polynesia that offered time for musical reflections on history, art, beauty, inspiration, colonization, religion, commerce, even the transitory nature of our time in the world, Gladstone shares. The song has a dreamy, lush tonality that drifts between major and minor coupled with haunting imagery reinforced by Kevin Laliberte’s precise guitar work.